Join and experience the freedom Minecraft survival life.

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Survival features level mobs to match your strength, skill levels from mcMMO's, a leveling system that increases your level by your in-game actions, and much more!

You need to follow the rules, but the rules are simple and often don't need to be bothered!

We provide servers in Japan.

You don't speak Japanese? No problem! Our server is working on a multi-language! Support is available in Japanese and English. You can use whatever language you want in the chat!



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サバイバルにはプレイヤーの強さに合わせて出現するレベルモブ、mcMMOによるスキルレベル、ゲーム内の行動によってレベルが上がるレベリングシステムなどなど、たくさんのシステムがあります! ルールはシンプルで気にしながらプレイする必要はありません。