We recently released an SMP, come check it out!

SMP - Fun, friendly, and unique!

  • Slimefun - Backpacks, jetpacks, machinery, engines, magic, tech, etc
  • Graves
  • Discord X MC Chat
  • Skills plugin, health + mana
  • God Items to spice things up!
  • Custom Fishing!
  • ChestProtect to protect your blocks and valuables!
  • Custom Enchantments!


Sivils has many things that allows it to stand out. Below are some of the main features of the server

All Platform + Multiversion - Join Silvils from PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, Switch, Mobile, Windows 10, & Java on 1.8 through 1.18!

Vanilla - Vanilla Minecraft features most servers don’t have!

  • Complete redstone without limitations
  • Every vanilla mob with vanilla AI
  • Villager trading, piglin bartering, wither, etc
  • Beacons, brewing, banners, etc


1.18 - Latest Minecraft features!

  • Height limit from -64 to 320
  • Latest 1.18 achievements
  • Read about everything here: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Java_Edition_1.18#Additions


Professional - Not your average Minecraft Server

  • Well made with careful planning
  • Actively maintained by a committed staff team
  • Running for over 1 and a half years
  • Fast, friendly, helpful staff & community
  • Default port + paid IP (like hypixel and google)


Advanced Shop - Custom shop like no other!

  • Search for items, with multiple filters & anti filters!
  • Includes 99% of blocks and items!
  • Easy sell methods, with /sell and a sell menu!


Custom Enchants - Advanced enchantments to spice up things!

  • 300+ Enchantments!
  • Ranked Tiers
  • Buying with vanilla xp
  • Anvil combination support


Island Protection - Tired of being griefed?

  • Lock your island to prevent visitors
  • Customize visitor location
  • Change visitor permissions
  • Add special protection to blocks and entities
  • Staff checker to see who griefed + easy rollback!


Mystery Crates & Cosmetics - Show off your cool items!

  • Cosmetics gotten from Mystery Crates
  • Mystery Crates gotten from active playtime
  • Hats, banners, suits, morphs, pets, trails, and more!




Discord X Minecraft - Check what’s happening anytime!

  • Talk to in game players
  • View playerlist, online time, and other statistics
  • Link your account
  • Proximity chat



Other features not listed but important:

  • Custom Minions
  • Custom Chests
  • Custom Hoppers
  • Upgradable Spawners
  • Auto Pickup
  • Ranks + Webstore (to pay for server hosting)
  • Proximity Chat
  • Discord X Minecraft account linking
  • Advanced Islands with settings, biomes, borders, leaderboards…
  • Voting Rewards
  • Daily Rewards
  • Gems currency for special shop items
  • ALL purchases go directly back into the server, not a penny otherwise