This is a Minecraft server with a unique game inside.

Mobs and thrones is a strategy game in which two teams fight each other, trying to destroy the enemy's throne.

This is PVP & PVE, with MOBA elements, and the key value of the in-game economy. 4 classes, 11 heroes, 44 items, and a huge amount of variability.


Mobs and Thrones is not really a MOBA. The game is not tied to lanes and farming, which means that your opportunities are not limited by anything.

Key Points about it:

  • The unique self-made game, fully on custom code (no other plugins, raw Spigot)
  • Monetization doesn't affect gameplay at all
  • Easy to start. The new player tutorial will teach you everything to feel comfortable
  • Wide and fun in-game economy. Multiple ways to obtain gold, infinite variants to deal with the resources
  • 10+ heroes from 4 classes. Every hero has 3-4 unique Spells
  • Glorious game map with custom mob arenas. In a light medieval style and lots of interesting game design moments
  • 50+ unique items in a gold shop</span
  • Lots of game content to be enjoyed

Learn more at www.mobsandthrones.com