Welcome to Quarantine Craft

Quarantine Craft aims to create a unique Minecraft experience putting the enjoyment of the player first with a welcoming and helpful community of others who enjoy Minecraft. Currently, we offer 3 main games for players to enjoy with can be found more in-depth below.

Garden Survival

Enjoy a calm Welcoming server in our Garden Survival with aims to expand Minecraft's core mechanics by making them more in-depth and interesting while still making them easy to approach. This is Quarantine Crafts primary server which gets updated often with more features and events to keep players new and old engaged. The server has various plugins such as mcmmo, pryomining, and pyrofishing allowing you to progress and level up by playing.

We also offer player shops and public warps that you can set up to start your own business and become the richest on the server. We offer a rotating shop that restocks with random items every 12 hrs so keep an eye out for that.

We have over 700+ custom achievements, you can't forget land claiming as we believe your builds should always be safe from harm. We also have ranks you can buy using in-game money that carries to all servers giving new perks and boosts.

One of my favorite features is the custom end with 8 different end biomes and custom mobs to fight and conquer with new items to collect.

Garden Skyblock

Our newest game mode is a chill Skyblock server with many features that give it a unique feel and lots of things to do.

The server currently offers similar plugins to the Garden Survival with tweaks to fit Skyblock better like Mcmmo, Pyromining and Pyrofishing

Some unique features are over 150+ Custom enchants which drastically changes how certain items are used. Daily, weekly, and monthly challenges with give boosters and items to help you. Island upgrades to expand your island and increase production. Pvp battleground to battle other players and prove your worth and many other things.

Many more things are planned to come in the future to add to the game mode and we hope to see you someday.

Infinite Parkour

Infinite Parkour uses the walk in the park plugin which places you on a small island where your only goal is to jump from block to block and see how far you can get. We hope to see you there.

Discord: discord.gg/naZsJnpjve Server Ip: Quarantinecraftmc.net