A new LifeSteal SMP server

Looking for staff, players, content creators



ANTI-CHEAT • Helps prevent players from cheating as well as notifys staff members when a player is doing something suspicious.

PLAYER REPORTS • Think someone is cheating or has an unfair advantage? use /report (player) (reason) to get staff to look into it!

AUCTION HOUSE • Have a cool item you want to sell? list it with /ah

CRATES • Awesome crates packed with awesome prizes!

PVP ZONE • A specific area for fighting or look for fights.

GUI SHOP • Awesome menus and lots of different items always available for purchase.

NPC SHOP • NPC shortcut to open GUI Shop.

NPC WARPS/RTP • Easy to access teleports.

MULTI VERSION SUPPORT • Supports minecraft version 1.8 - 1.20.2

TEAMS • Create a team for you and your friends, includes  a team tag, disabled pvp for team members, team chat, ally's and

BALANCED ECONOMY • Items are priced fairly for buying and selling so it is a somewhat grind to become rich so that players have something to work towards.

COMBAT LOG • Kills a player if they log out right after dealing damage to another player

REVIVE BEACONS • If a friend or teammate loses all their lives you can craft a revive beacon to bring them back.

WITHDRAW HEARTS • If a friend or teammate is low on hearts you can withdraw hearts and give it to them.

HEART SHARDS • Allows you to craft extra hearts.

MINEABLE SPAWNERS • Lets you mine any spawner you find to create farms or to resell it.

SEMI VANILLA • Somewhat vanilla gameplay with some extra features to create a fun experience. 

VOID SPAWN • Teleports a player back to spawn if they fall into the void.

LEADERBOARDS • Custom leaderboards to display the top 3 teams, kills and deaths.

CRATE ENVOY • Crate Envoy that happens every 4 hours in the PVP arena to reward players that are willing risk losing their items.

BACKPACKS • VIP/MVP ranks spawn with a backpack (vip 3 rows/mvp 6 rows) backpack items drop on death.

SKILLS • Level up your skills to become a more powerful player and dominate your competition.