Our Community: Is a friendly survival community that has been around for nearly three years. Our community has a solid base of active players but we are always welcoming to new players to interact with and befriend here. Our shopping district is booming with shops, whatever you would need you can probably find it. If not, you can set up your own shop there! We have a many ways of occupying our long term players such as quests, dungeons that you can find, monthly events and more! You can earn tokens by doing quests and just generally playing the game and purchase cosmetics and upgrades on our token shop! We guarantee that there is always something to unlock or achieve here. Also, our staff team is extremely dedicated to our player base; we are frequently running fun events and challenges to keep them occupied, improving the server game play experience, solving player problems and more. Our goal is to provide a seamless playing experience and our staff are nothing but the best to achieve this goal.

Gameplay Our gameplay is focused towards vanilla with a few additions, quality of life tweaks, and datapacks/plugins.

Some Features • Land claims to protect your builds. • Armored Elytras (Chest plate and elytra merging) • Microblocks that you can get from wandering traders. • Shopkeepers to make your own shops. • Challenge events every two hours. • Simple chat tags for personality. • Night skipping • Crouching while placing an item frame makes it invisible. • Set a home and teleport to it later. • Horses teleport with you. • Quests

Rules (simplified) • No griefing • No cheating • Be nice in chat