The Celestial Expanse is a detailed SciFi-Space SMP/Civilization server.

There is an extensive tech tree involving everything from Refineries, Solar Panels and Turbines to functional Vehicles - Like Starships!

Explore, Colonize and/or Conquer over 20 Planets! Build a Metropolis! Design an entire Starship Fleet!

Key Features Include:
- Custom power system with several forms of generation as well as uses
- Completely (user built) Custom Ships, with only minimal % requirements needed
- Several unique worlds with different landscapes and features
- Towny, allowing for more flexible town and nation creation
- Movecraft, the Vehicle system used as the backbone of the server
- Combat-capable NPC Crafts, being the first of their kind on any Movecraft server
- A Ship-based Warping system used to get between Planets and their Orbits

If this piqued your interest; feel free to check us out at: