💢 Server Address: play.thehelix.gg 💢

  • The Helix is a relaxing, anti-grief survival server with a small but tight-knit community.

The Christmas Event is on now until the end of the year! Participate in Community Events to be entered to win 1 of 3 Minecraft Lego Kits!

How to enjoy your stay at The Helix:

  • 💢 Explore the Custom Generated World to build your dream home/landscape.
  • 💰 Create a Shop and Sell goods and services to other players.
  • 🏛️ Start a town using the Lands Plugin and invite other players to join you.
  • 📚 Level up your skills & stats for increased perks while playing!
  • 🎆 Enchant items with over 200+ custom enchantments not found in Vanilla Minecraft.
  • 📜 Clue Scrolls and Community Events to keep you busy and occupied when you need a break from building!
  • 🌿 Custom Items, Interfaces, NPC's, Music and more for a truly unique experience.
  • ➕ And so much more! We couldn't list everything here, but there's lots to do on the Helix, so we hope you will enjoy your stay.

💢 Other Notes: 💢

  • We just started Season 3 so our map is fresh and brand new! Ready for new players to come and settle down! This is the last planned reset and we will not plan to reset the map for the foreseeable future.

  • Our main map uses a custom epic terrain generator. We'll be launching a 2nd world with 1.18 that has vanilla generation if that's more your jam. You can bring items between both worlds freely.

  • Custom ores spawn only in the main world.

  • Please accept the resource pack when you join the server. It's required in order to make custom items, npc's and more work! You can still use your own textures in conjunction with our resource pack.

  • We have a small community, we're pretty chill and laidback. We're also family friendly so make sure to keep language and conversation appropriate.

  • Bedrock clients are supported, however you will have a degraded experience and we are not responsible for any issues you may have while playing. We also won't give in game support to bedrock players. You're on your own.

  • We have land protection plugins, but that doesn't mean griefing is allowed! We have multiple plugins to catch theft and grief. If you suspect this has happened to you, you can open a ticket and we can roll back the grief, return your items, and ban the offenders. We don't allow griefing of any kind, but we still recommend claiming your land for that peace of mind! Plus, claiming land gets you benefits like turning off mob spawns or flying in your claim if you're a subscriber.

💢 Other Links: 💢

  • Wiki: wiki.thehelix.gg
  • Rules: wiki.thehelix.gg/rules
  • Map: map.thehelix.gg
  • Shop: shop.thehelix.gg
  • Discord: discord.thehelix.gg