The Helix is a small Community for Minecraft Survival. We have an amazing suite of plugins to enhance the survival gameplay while trying to be balanced and not over powered. If you are looking for a small community, we're the place for you!

OP commands like /tpa and /sethome have been removed and have been replaced with Waystones. Waystones are mysterious stones that appear around the world. Once a Waystone is discovered you can freely Fast Travel to that Waystone. Build near a Waystone to create towns, cities, and nations!

Our Map is a custom world on a large giant island with beautiful landscapes that you won't find in vanilla.

We host monthly events (usually more often) and have a great small community. We'd love to have you join us. We're family friendly and have many parents/kids that play together.

We are always adding more features.

Feature List: Auction House system for selling items Skills Plugin Economy and Shops Upgrade Bee Hives for better Bee Farms Monthly Quests/Events Better Farming system for automated planting and harvesting Online Map ( Store XP in bottles Chat Brawl mini-games Chest Protection/Locking Land Claiming & Levelling (Lands) Chest Sorting Anti-Grief (We have multiple logging programs to catch and reverse grief) Backpacks Discord Integration Admin Shops Custom Items and Blocks (resource pack required) Bedrock Support - Crossplay with Java and Bedrock Respawning Mineshafts Waystones for Fast Travel around the world Players can sell items at villages around the world And so much more!