"I got really lucky finding Vanillarite. It was just in a long list of other servers. I don't really remember what made me click. I know I wasn't looking for a server that offered a better way to play Minecraft. I was looking for a server that offered community and collaboration. I think those are our strongest traits. Yes we have good builders but being on a server isn't about the virtual atmosphere (for me); it's about the social atmosphere." - Calonan

Vanillarite is a vanilla server, with some plugins, that keeps the players in mind. We have claim blocks to protect your builds where you can enable PVP if you so desire, active staff, and a supportive community. Player shops to sell your items as well as iceways to travel fast across the map, the blue lines on the Dynmap connect the stations where you can walk onto the pressure plates to tp to other stations.

Bring your friends or make some new ones. Hope to see you there! Don't forget to join our Discord to keep up to date on things like maintenance, changes in rules or just to chat with other players. Access to all channels will be given after linking up your mc account with discord and playing for at least 10 minutes.

Join us today play.vanillarite.com