<p>✨ Zync Craft Survival Server With MiniGames✨ Discord: https://discord.gg/qAbES4FCb8 Version: 1.19  Features: 🔺 | Mini Games 🛒 |Request for a mini game to be added 🛠️ | Terralith adding more biomes to build in 🌟 | Custom events + tournaments (Once in a while) 📅 | Changing Seasons and effects 🌍 | Vanilla and Custom 1.19 biomes! ⚔️ | Play to Win ⬆️ | Level up while fighting other Leveled up Mobs and so much more!  ❗Zync Craft is still under development This server is an ambitious project that hopes to bring a whole new feel to survival and other minigames. Including all kinds of custom features and much more. Join now to get a chance to participate in something great! Hope to see you with us 🙌 </p>