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I'm the developer of a plugins like CustomItems, ItemBridge, and a few others. I also just so happen to be the developer of Polymart!

If you have any questions about Polymart, or any feature suggestions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can find me on Discord @jojodmo#5696, PM me on Polymart, or visit
jojodmo's Resources
Custom Items
IN-GAME GUI ITEM+RECIPE DESIGNER | Make any item/block you imagine, without mods or replacing items
      (3)     74
Run Java Code from the Chat • Code plugins completely in-game • Beautiful Syntax Highlighting
Visual File Editor
View and edit ANY YML FILE from a simple in-game GUI — no more need to connect to your FTP!
  about 5
Item Bridge
Use one plugin's items in other plugins | Store and Recall items | Supports CustomItems
A simple cross-version API for editing NBT tags, safe for many versions of Minecraft! +Commands
Local Thunder
Make lightning only audible and visible to players within a certain radius
No Physics
Extremely lightweight, easy to use plugin that disables physics in regions, per-world, or globally
  367 | Get a Custom IP
Get a CUSTOM IP | Guard your server against unwanted, random IP changes from your internet host