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Venture Studios is an Italian team established in 2023 specializing in the production and sale of digital products related to Minecraft.

Founded by zPeppo_, a dedicated Minecraft player about 12 years. Our team possesses a wide array of skills, encompassing plugin configuration, structure construction and texture design.

At Venture Studios, we prioritize our customers, and we are always ready and available to assist you. If you require any support open a ticket on Discord Server 🠊

Please note that any unauthorized distribution of our content over the Internet is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of Venture Studios copyright.
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VentureStudios's Resources
Better Survival | Premium Setup
Better Survival | Premium Setup
Survival 1.20.4 | Detailed Spawn - Texture | Skills | Ranks | Quests | Custom Worlds | Much more...
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City Hall Schematic | Free
City Hall Schematic | Free
Modern and large City Hall 130x80 blocks. Suitable for a city or roleplay server.
Natural Lobby | Free
Natural Lobby | Free
Lobby surrounded by nature 200x200 blocks. Full of trees, small houses and details.
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