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Introducing Polymart Roulette

Posted Apr 1, 2024

We're pleased to announce the arrival of Polymart Roulette, a much anticipated feature to help balance the load on Polymart's servers, and keep Polymart online and available for everyone! Polymart Roulette fairly distributes Polymart's server resources based on the number of Polymart coins you have in your account. The more Polymart coins you have, the faster Polymart will load!

Here's how it works: When you make a request to Polymart (say, loading your favorite plugin's homepage, downloading a setup, or browsing the API docs), Polymart will first check how many Polymart coins you have on your account. Based on the number of Polymart coins you have, the server will allocate a certain number of compute power for your request, roughly on a logarithmic scale — so, if you have 100,000 Polymart coins, for example, you'll get about twice as much compute power as someone with 10,000 Polymart coins.

But, how do you get Polymart coins? We wanted a fair way to distribute coins amongst all our users, so we didn't want to use metrics like account age, because that might not show how much someone really uses Polymart. And, we didn't want to charge for Polymart coins, because we think it would be unfair to charge for bandwidth. After much deliberation with the Polymart staff team, we landed on Polymart Roulette, a revolutionary way to provide our power-users with increased bandwidth and server speed, while still not slowing down normal users too much. All of this means Polymart's backend can handle more users, and is more reliable!

We've started everyone out with 10,000 Polymart coins to be fair, and they should already be in your account! Head over to the new Polymart Roulette homepage at to see how many coins you have, and to see how you can use Polymart Roulette to earn more coins (and, in turn, a faster Polymart experience).

We're super excited about Polymart Roulette, and we hope you are too! This is a revolutionary next step in providing an open and free Minecraft marketplace for everyone, and we thank you for your continued support on Polymart. If anyone has any questions, feel free to reach out! We're always looking for ways we can make Polymart better!


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