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⭐Video Editing & Channel Management | Doni Bobes, Quiff, SSundee & more ⭐[SUCCEED TODAY]
Who am I? You can call me Leon, or [b][color=#00FF4C]S[/color][color=#00FF54]h[/color][color=#00FF5D]e[/color][color=#00FF65]e[/color][color=#00FF6E]p[/color][/b]. Originally, I was born in Britain but I currently live in France! Video editing has been my full-time job since leaving school, with [b][color=#00C3FF]s[/color][color=#00BFFF]i[/color][color=#00BCFF]x[/color] [color=#00B5FF]y[/color][color=#00B1FF]e[/color][color=#00AEFF]a[/color][color=#00AAFF]r[/color][color=#00A7FF]s[/color] [color=#00A0FF]o[/color][color=#009DFF]f[/color] [color=#0096FF]v[/color][color=#0092FF]i[/color][color=#008FFF]d[/color][color=#008CFF]e[/color][color=#0088FF]o[/color] [color=#0081FF]e[/color][color=#007EFF]d[/color][color=#007AFF]i[/color][color=#0077FF]t[/color][color=#0074FF]i[/color][color=#0070FF]n[/color][color=#006DFF]g[/color] [color=#0066FF]e[/color][color=#0062FF]x[/color][color=#005FFF]p[/color][color=#005CFF]e[/color][color=#0058FF]r[/color][color=#0055FF]i[/color][color=#0051FF]e[/color][color=#004EFF]n[/color][color=#004AFF]c[/color][color=#0047FF]e[/color][/b] [b][color=#DE59FF]a[/color][color=#DD59FF]n[/color][color=#DC59FF]d[/color] [color=#DA59FF]t[/color][color=#D959FF]w[/color][color=#D859FF]o[/color] [color=#D659FF]y[/color][color=#D559FF]e[/color][color=#D459FF]a[/color][color=#D359FF]r[/color][color=#D259FF]s[/color] [color=#D059FF]o[/color][color=#CF59FF]f[/color] [color=#CD59FF]c[/color][color=#CD59FF]h[/color][color=#CC59FF]a[/color][color=#CB59FF]n[/color][color=#CA59FF]n[/color][color=#C959FF]e[/color][color=#C859FF]l[/color] [color=#C659FF]m[/color][color=#C559FF]a[/color][color=#C459FF]n[/color][color=#C359FF]a[/color][color=#C259FF]g[/color][color=#C159FF]e[/color][color=#C059FF]m[/color][color=#BF59FF]e[/color][color=#BE59FF]n[/color][color=#BD59FF]t[/color][/b], you can be rest assured knowing your channel would be in safe hands! I am [b][color=#035FFF]c[/color][color=#0862FF]r[/color][color=#0E66FF]e[/color][color=#1469FF]a[/color][color=#1A6DFF]t[/color][color=#2070FF]i[/color][color=#2674FF]v[/color][color=#2C77FF]e[/color] [color=#387EFF]a[/color][color=#3E82FF]n[/color][color=#4485FF]d[/color] [color=#508CFF]v[/color][color=#5690FF]e[/color][color=#5C94FF]r[/color][color=#6297FF]y[/color] [color=#6E9EFF]r[/color][color=#74A2FF]e[/color][color=#7AA5FF]l[/color][color=#80A9FF]i[/color][color=#86ACFF]a[/color][color=#8CB0FF]b[/color][color=#92B3FF]l[/color][color=#98B7FF]e[/color][/b].Do I have experience? You want someone with [b][color=#6694FF]e[/color][color=#6593FF]x[/color][color=#6593FF]p[/color][color=#6593FF]e[/color][color=#6493FF]r[/color][color=#6493FF]i[/color][color=#6492FF]e[/color][color=#6392FF]n[/color][color=#6392FF]c[/color][color=#6392FF]e[/color][/b], right? You need someone who can work with your content. I'm just the person! As someone who's worked with prominent names on YouTube, such as: Doni Bobes, BeckBroJack, SSundee (DoubleJump Games), JeromeASF, and even Moose's team - my knowledge of the [b][color=#FF338B]a[/color][color=#FF3095]l[/color][color=#FF2E9F]g[/color][color=#FF2CAA]o[/color][color=#FF2AB4]r[/color][color=#FF27BF]i[/color][color=#FF25C9]t[/color][color=#FF23D4]h[/color][color=#FF21DE]m[/color][/b] is extensive and I can adapt to any editing style. I've also worked on short films, commercials, documentaries, & more.Why me? When I edit your video, I wont just be just cutting clips; [b][color=#035FFF]I[/color] [color=#1368FF]w[/color][color=#1B6DFF]i[/color][color=#2372FF]l[/color][color=#2B77FF]l[/color] [color=#3C80FF]t[/color][color=#4485FF]e[/color][color=#4C8AFF]l[/color][color=#548FFF]l[/color] [color=#6499FF]a[/color] [color=#75A2FF]s[/color][color=#7DA7FF]t[/color][color=#85ACFF]o[/color][color=#8DB1FF]r[/color][color=#95B6FF]y[/color][/b]. You and I both want the best view-duration possible, and I'll help you achieve that. The second you send me your view-duration charts, I can improve them! I am always striving to improve, I love my job and I'm always motivated to meet new people.[b][color=#00D5FF]T[/color][color=#04D0FF]h[/color][color=#09CBFF]e[/color] [color=#12C2FF]a[/color][color=#16BDFF]v[/color][color=#1BB9FF]e[/color][color=#1FB4FF]r[/color][color=#24AFFF]a[/color][color=#28ABFF]g[/color][color=#2DA6FF]e[/color] [color=#369DFF]v[/color][color=#3A98FF]i[/color][color=#3F94FF]e[/color][color=#438FFF]w[/color][color=#488AFF]-[/color][color=#4C86FF]d[/color][color=#5181FF]u[/color][color=#557CFF]r[/color][color=#5A78FF]a[/color][color=#5E73FF]t[/color][color=#636EFF]i[/color][color=#676AFF]o[/color][color=#6C65FF]n[/color] [color=#6C65FF]o[/color][color=#676AFF]n[/color] [color=#5E73FF]v[/color][color=#5A78FF]i[/color][color=#557CFF]d[/color][color=#5181FF]e[/color][color=#4C86FF]o[/color][color=#488AFF]s[/color] [color=#3F94FF]I[/color] [color=#369DFF]e[/color][color=#31A1FF]d[/color][color=#2DA6FF]i[/color][color=#28ABFF]t[/color] [color=#1FB4FF]i[/color][color=#1BB9FF]s[/color] [color=#12C2FF]6[/color][color=#0DC7FF]7[/color][color=#09CBFF]%[/color][color=#04D0FF]![/color][/b]Message me on discord ~ [b][color=#E97DFF]S[/color][color=#EB7EFD]h[/color][color=#ED7FFC]e[/color][color=#EF80FB]e[/color][color=#F182FA]p[/color][color=#F383F9]#[/color][color=#F684F7]7[/color][color=#F886F6]2[/color][color=#FA87F5]3[/color][color=#FC88F4]0[/color][/b]
Hello my name is Frank and besides being a configurator I have a YouTube channel for years that has been growing, right now I am advertising servers of any kind with a video for some money, the truth is that my intention is not to earn much since I don't I have a defined price for the service and I don't want to be a burden for the company/server.​ 🎈 You pay what you want. 🎈 The video of your server is permanent. 🎈 I can record or upload your content. 🎈 Any version. 🎈 Any games. 🎈 Full server. 🎈 Minecraft premium and no premium. 🎈The youtube video will also be on tiktok (I do this for free).Channel:​ CONTACT:❗Discord: Frax#4790 ❗Private message from MCMarket ❗Payment methods: Paypal / Crypto
Error on server voting
DuneSciFye  APR 28, 2022  |  SERVER OWNERS  |  NO MESSAGES YET
I got this error when voting for my server:
Custom texturepack for your server
Greeting,I'm KeoMut, currently working as a founder of a Minecraft Services Team. Today, i'm here to talk about our services.We are offering a texturepack services. So, what do we do ?We make cusom texturepack depends on your request with paid. We will report the progress to you oftenly and you will be able to adjust the gui as many time as you want. After the payment is done, you will receive: A texturepack Deluxemenus config (If you order the gui option) A TOS and Guidance Here is some of our work: The price is decided according to your request. But here is a basic price Tooltips/Rank/Prefix - 0.5$ each GUI - 4 $ each Item model - 15$ each Attention: The price can get higher due to your request, this is only the starting price
Looking for developers
Danidev819  FEB 17, 2022  |  PROGRAMMING  |  NO MESSAGES YET
Who are we? LyMarket is a Sub Company of LyDark Studios focused on the Minecraft Marketplace, we offer any kind of thing related to the game and also for Servers.Plugin Development:Our Java Dev Team is growing up slowly, so in terms of capability to develop multiple plugins for different customers... lets say that we are handling well. This is due to the high quality plugin development, this means that we take our time to get the best job for you or your server!General information: All the plugins are delivered already obfuscated for our privacy! For every plugin you buy, you would be able to get the src for a price that will be decided when the plugin is delivered.Language Support: In our discord we have both English and Spanish support!Prices: The most important section right? Well prices are cheap, you will see:Spigot Little plugin: $1-5 Support: Config support Ex: A simple Plugin to disable the weather. A plugin to make some minimal changes to the server. A plugin to remove join/left msg and change them in the config Small plugin: $5-15 Support: Config support Ex: A plugin to change the chat and sen hover over messages. A plugin with 1-7 simples commands. A plugin with 2 mediums commands. A plugin with 1 hard command. Medium plugin: $15-50 Support: Mysql/Mongodb integration for large servers. RESTApi support. Bungeecord/Velocity connection (The B/V plugin won't be considerer in the price, meaning it would have to be consider as another plugin) Ex: A Hub Core. A Core with a bunch of commands. A plugin with Bungeecord/Velocity connection. A Economy Plugin. A Level System Plugin. Big plugin: $50-∞ Support: Plugins for multiples servers(Networks) Multiple Version support Ex: An Api for your network(User support with custom data, an basically what ever you would like to have) Large plugin. Something else that is not mentioned before in the list. StaffCore Not supported(By Now): By now we are NOT developing minigames. Deep and hard NMS/Packet plugin.BungeeCord/Velocity Small plugin: $5-15 Support: Simples commands. Messages to players. Sending Players thought servers. Do stuff with Events. LunarsClient's Star (Only for BungeeCord) Ex: A few commands like /ping, /lobby or even /stream Medium plugin: $15-30 Support: Mysql/Mongodb Multiples commands Conection with Custom Spigot plugins.Ex: A plugin able to connect all your servers together with your custom plugin. A plugin able to share information of your players/staff Global messaging.Big plugin: $30-∞ Support: Everything the devs could handle Ex: The Proxy side of the Spigot Api for your NetworkFor more information of refunds, ways to pay and so, get into this Discord Server:
Jochyoua  APR 11, 2021  |  MISCELLANEOUS  |  13 MESSAGES
Do the people of Polymart enjoy ducks?
TFA backup codes?
Raesak  NOV 21, 2021  |  MISCELLANEOUS  |  1 MESSAGE
Why aren't there any TFA backup codes?
Developers API - developers help
Anthony01M  FEB 28, 2021  |  PLUGIN HELP  |  10 MESSAGES
Hello,so I'm kinda lost and my plugin is basically developers / server owners based. if you're a server owner or a developer and would like to have an API on a logs system which have, MySQL integration / text file, in game chat logs/ what would you use an API for & what would you want it to be used/what do you basically want the API for. I'm currently thinking like my reports plugin integration/hook into my logs plugin, but honestly that's just a limit to my thinking and that's what I don't like, if I want to be a serious person I'd be wanting to see what others want to lead success for both sides, not just one. Does anyone, by any chance, have anything I'm able to do for developers API, e.g: if someone got maybe flagged for swearing, duping (check logs in case they want to see how the person dupe if the person admits to it), admits to hacks, etc. would be much appreciated to know what the needs are. Here's a few screenshots of me suffering tbh:
⚔️SkyPixel Development⚔️ - Free Setups/Configs for vouch!
SkyPixel Development offers Custom Server Setups and Custom Configs **We are a group of highly experienced and dedicated server and java developers with a combined 25+ years of experience. We strive to provide uniqueness and variety in everything we produce. We aim to provide quality support alongside quality products! We even make setups using your custom plugins and your premium plugins! Support can be reached on our Discord Server Use the Support Chat channel for small issues. Create a ticket by typing s!ticket in the commands channel for large issues.Support relies on you having purchased a product from us. You can acquire a quote by joining our Discord and creating a ticket with s!ticket in the commands channel! Currently, we are giving away free configs for vouches on our thread! Join our Discord and tell us what we can configure for you by opening a ticket with s!ticket in the commands channel! Here you can find some examples of our work Setups: SurvivalPlus OG Premium Setup Plugins: Survival Plus (the plugin)
Selling Hypixel BedWars Setup + Test server.
CrustyClouds  SEP 28, 2021  |  OFFERING SERVICES  |  NO MESSAGES YET
Selling "Hypixel BedWars" setup for 50$ with BedWars Practice, Winstreaks, Cosmetics, Map selector, Diamond/Emerald Generator rotation, Tab fix, Two bed sounds, HealPool, Fireball jumping/Damage fix, TNT as Hypixel and all possible bugs are fixed from BedWars1058. each day 20-30 players are testing it and there is no bugs discovered yet. Cosmetics include: Victory dances (12) Kill messages (24) Shopkeepers (54) Projectile trails (35) Final kill effects (23) Sprays (28) Death cries (32) Bed Destroy effects (16) All in one plugin + MySQL/MariaDB support. For whole setup if you have 100 - 1000 players you should have at least 8 servers. If you have less than 100 players, you can go with a single server. If you are interested and want to test, message me and i will provide with a test server. Discord: CrustyClouds#1120
✨EQUARE Studios ✨ High-Quality and Affordable Plugin Development ✔️
Hello all!I am Quared, the founder of EQUARE Studios, here to talk to you about my services.What is EQUARE Studios? EQUARE Studios is a Spigot plugin development server, where you can buy custom or pre-made plugins from us. We offer fast delivery times, cheap prices, and high-quality plugins.Why choose us over anyone else? You should choose us, because of our cheap prices and reliable services. While developing your plugin, we will work with you to try and make your plugin exactly what you want. We will also offer configuration, in case you do not like the design of the plugin.Here at EQUARE Studios, we know what it's like to be a small server owner with a small budget trying to find a developer, but they are all so expensive. That's why we make our prices so cheap.How do I purchase a plugin? Join our Discord server. First, you must read the Terms of Service and Rules. Once you have agreed to these, you will gain access to the server. Click on #create-a-ticket to create a commission ticket. It can take up to 24 hours to receive a response from a programmer.What past work have you done? You can see our past work on the Discord server, by viewing the channel #portfolio. I have developed my own server (, you can check out and see what I have done.What are your prices [BungeeCord and Spigot]? DISCLAIMER: These prices are not final, and will most likely differ depending on the product. Basic Plugin: $0 USD Something that takes < 1 hour. No need to charge anything. Small Plugin: $3-10 USD Could be some basic commands, join messages, etc. Would take 1-3 hours. Medium Plugin: $10-25 USD Could be interactive commands, scoreboards, GUIs, etc. Would take 1-3 days Large Plugin: $25-80 USD Could be a friends/party system, ban/mute manager, a leaderboard system, etc. Would take 3-7 days Minigame/Game Plugin: > $100 USD Games could be a core KitPvP plugin, a core SkyBlock plugin, a core Lobby plugin, etc. Would take 7+ days. What are your delivery times? You can find the delivery times in the prices section above. They are a guideline and may differ depending on the plugin size.Links: Discord:
⭐🦄Looking for Senior Staff + Team Staff for The Last Blockbender!🦄⭐
What is The Last Blockbender?We're a community that loves Avatar the Last Air Bender and The Legend of Korra and Minecraft! Join our Minecraft server to become a bender yourself and control the elements in Survival and 10+ Arenas! We host weekly + monthly events across our 3 servers; Survival, Creative, and Arenas where you can earn rewards and perks for participating.What Staff are we looking for?Normal Staff:We are looking for everything (except helpers we have too many of those!). If you're interested in a normal staff role feel free to join our discord server and do /apply in #applications and have a look around!Senior Staff:This is quite all-encompassing tbh but we need a couple of people who are willing to do either planning or execution of the project and we just want to have a chat in general about where you would want to fit in the staff team and what role/tasks you would like to oversee. Eg. This could be project planning or leading the community and events team... there is no real role description here and we are open to having a chat about what you wanna do! :) For this DM Nachtmaken#4248 for more info and to start the chatting process.TLDR;Looking for staff: Normal Staff do /apply in the applications channel (on discord) and play on the serverSenior Staff: DM Nachtmaken#4248 on discordDiscord: ip: play.thelastblockbender.comTIA,Nachtmaken (TLB Manager)
Custom Rankup Setup
Larinaria  JUL 4, 2021  |  OFFERING SERVICES  |  2 MESSAGES
Rankup is a premium plugin and not part of this offer. You should already own Rankup before placing an order! Get Rankup here: SERVICE What I'm offering is a Custom, fully functional rankups.yml (and optionally prestiges.yml as well). Any changes to Rankup's configuration will be covered. If you have groups and perks ready I will include them in the service once you send me the list. If you don't have any groups set up, I will be happy to include them in the service for no extra cost. Configuration of groups is excluded from offer. If you already have your groups set up, you will get more out of this offer, since I will be able to add more information to the file.In short, you will receive: A fully functional rankups.yml A fully functional prestiges.yml (if ordered.) ETA The ETA depends on the order size. I will let you know beforehand, of course.RESTRICTIONS Rankup as a plugin has some restrictions that you should be aware of before placing an order so you don't get surprised when placing it.namely: The /ranks GUI cannot currently accommodate more than 54 ranks. The GUI is limited to a double chest. If you exceed the amount, Rankup won't work. Text-based /ranks will continue to work. Rankup is only guaranteed by the Dev to work on Spigot. Purpur and Paper will also work, but aren't guaranteed. Anything else is not recommended by the dev. Rankup works very poorly with GroupManager. Read Rankup's FAQ for more information.EXAMPLES OF MY WORK RanksGUI: Confirmation GUI: PRICINGPrice per Rankup step. €1,50 extra per prestige per Rankup step. €0,20Example You want 10 Rankup steps with 5 prestiges. That will amount to €25.- ( €1.5 + €0.2 × 5 prestiges per rankup ) × 10 rankup steps = €25.-CONTACT My preferred method of communication is Discord. Discord: flurbudurbur#2085 Discord server: Email: [email protected]
SilverSpell Recruitment
ArcticRaven  JUL 11, 2021  |  SERVER OWNERS  |  NO MESSAGES YET
About UsSilverSpell is a Dungeons server with a MMORPG framework. What does this mean? The best way to describe it is a fun-sized MMO server. We have been in development about 2 years and now have several custom resources and specialized framework thats getting better by the day. What we need is the rest of a team to pull everything together and get a proper launch. This is where you come in!Roles (last updated 11/07/21) Builders Content Creators (Mob designers, Item planners, artists, etc.) Admins (full) Moderators (full) Requirements All staff must meet our minimum requirements Age: 16+ Builders and Artists must have a prepared portfolioContact Us Server Discord: Server Website: Personal Discord: •••|Arctic|•••#1730Individual intersted in applying should open a staff application ticket in the main discord! Thanks for your interest!
Looking for talent staff
🔈 *RECRUITMENT ALWAYS AVAILABLE We are an Asian server hosting in Singapore, currently seeking for a passionate, matured, responsible and talented teammate who is interested to create a better server, better game experience for players!! Join our team, let us create a different server!Who are we looking for? 1.  Builders x 5 2.  Quest creator - BetonQuest x  2 3.  MMOItem creator x1 - creation of weapons in config. 4.  Helperx 2 Mobs Creator x 2 - creation of skills & mobs in Mythicmobs Config REQUIREMENTS: 🌟Age ≥ 16 🌟 passionate, matured, responsible and talented teammate 🌟 In love of interact players & active staff 💓 🌟 Well communication in English and (Optional Chinese) 🌟 Team-player 🌟 Volunteer   Builders >> Able to work yourself & WorldEdit, sense of beauty & creativity Quest creator >> Creativity on ideas of Quest, with Experience in BetonQuest MMoItem Creator >> Ideas of Items, Able to work orderly, with Experience with MMOItem Helpers >> Sense of responsibility, Willing to help players & do little config settings #Active MythicMobs Creator >> Creativity on creating mobs & its skills, with Experience in MythicMobs Fill up the form below to apply 📥
A General Language File Question
Anthony01M  MAR 2, 2021  |  SERVER OWNERS  |  6 MESSAGES
Do not leave, I'm not asking for help with my language file at all, this is for you, developers AND server owners.Introduction Let me introduce you to my current idea, please listen before you say it's stupid or useless, I know some may care and it could end up good for your sake too! I've been currently planning for about 2 weeks now ( without officially coding it ) however I would like to know people's opinion on such condition of having, not only one language and an easy way to integrate it with many plugins, but multiple languages & have specific support languages - not only that, but also it would be a game changing, imagine your server fully translated from English to French, from French to English, from English and Frensh to Spanish , that's what our community wants these days, it's time to make sure all servers have more than one language.QuestionsServer Owners: 1) Would you use this and want people to actually be able to translate and speak in other languages? 2) Would you accept the fact that you're able to toggle off and on a specific language, know if the person is using X language on many plugins? 3) Would you be able to have a database & a website ( if you do not know how to edit from the database ) where you'll be able to translate & change all messages you wish to change? 4) Does this seem a wanted plugin if huge plugins start using it? like this, you'll be able to edit all sort of language files from a database or a website.Developers: 1) Would you be able to change or even add / hook your plugin to a "better" system which integrates with other plugins & edit language files from one specific place? 2) Do you know how a database works, and if you don't, if I provided a well detailed documentation on how to do so and examples of plugins, will you be able to use this? 3) If you got suggested to add this, are you able to explain why ( in case you do ) you denied such thing? - I'll be willing to help out as long as there's one person interested in adding such feature into your plugin. 4) Do you believe this is game changing? 5) I understand some developers might only know one specific language, however, I believe we're able to help out in a few and you're even able to just add one language and make your customers happy, are you interested in such deal still or not? , please explain why so, even if you're interested as many might be wanting to know your decision.
SupportBot is looking for Community Developers
ItzEmerald  DEC 24, 2020  |  MISCELLANEOUS  |  3 MESSAGES
Time has come! Our community development program has been re-vamped and is ready to go live once again. We have added some new guidelines to help remove inactivity but lets go through the role first. So as a community developer you will be given the permission to create an add-on for SupportBot and it will be marked as TRUSTED/VERIFIED. Non-community developer add-ons will not be marked as TRUSTED/VERIFIED. Requirements!Don't think you can escape requirements!... You must have knowledge in the supported languages for SupportBot (NodeJS) You are able to dedicate enough time into create additional features for SupportBot You can complete challenges set by the Administration Team. Challenges!Once a week we will set a challenge for Community Developers to work one, They will be set to deadline in a weeks time and tested by the Admin Team. Failing to comply with at least 2 a month will remove you from the program.Join Community Development Today! Simple! Use -ticket in our discord server
Recruitment for RPG Developers/Staff
LoneDevilX  JAN 14, 2021  |  SERVER OWNERS  |  NO MESSAGES YET
Hello guys, We are SkyHikerMC since 2020 June, from Malaysia, currently having Skyblock and Vanilla gamemodes. Our server is currently developing RPG gamemode, we are looking for passionate talents who can diligently create a better gaming experience! <3 [LOOKING FOR]: MMOItem - Blacksmith & Armorsmith RPG/Story/Quest Developers - BetonQuest maker Helper / Admin / Builders Mythicmobs - mobs creator [BUDGET]: only Paypal MMOItem = To be Decide RPG/Story/Quest Developers - BetonQuest maker = To be Decide , payment per month Helper / Admin / Builders = Volunteer as well Mythicmobs = To be Decide [TIMELINE]: MMOItem - Blacksmith & Armorsmith = Hire for 2 - 4 weeks / Permanent RPG Developers - BetonQuest maker = Permanent as well Helper / Admin / Builders = Permanent as well MythicMobs = Permanent as well [DETAILS]: MMOItem Either join / not join the team Create mmoitem with documentation , balancing, and writing :star:config to create the items & Able to do things by self Able to think of some idea on items Quick sketching of your idea into draws Either with / without knowledge of 3d Modeling Mature, friendly and responsible RPG/ Quest / Story Developer Required to join the team, and work together With experience in BetonQuest Good story writing/idea thinking Able to critical thinking & Able to do things by self Mature, friendly and responsible Helper(or trials) / Admin / Builder Required to join the team, and work together Good story writing/idea thinking Mature, friendly and responsible Helper/Trial = without Experience Admin & Builder = With experience as well Willing to do anything & Able to do things by self Mythicmobs , Mobs Creator Either join/ or not join, and work together Good at Mobs Idea thinking Mature, friendly and responsible With / without experience Willing to do anything Able to do things by self Able to make creation through config, And get the idea of texture (draw/google) Contact my discord FG#5011