Do the people of Polymart enjoy ducks?
ConfusedTaro  SERVER OWNERS  |  MAR 8, 2021  |  2 MESSAGES
The XYX is a very friendly place with lots of people willing to talk no matter your time zone.Everyone openly shares photos, music, other games, stories, and jokes among the differentdiscord chats and members can also be found constantly use our discord voice chat whilegaming. Our friendly community is always here to spread positivity and our dedicatedmoderation staff is always around to help in any way we can. Everyone is always ready towelcome new members, even if they have little to no experience in Minecraft. If you’re lookingfor a relaxed community with little to no PVP, this is the place for you. It’s an amazingopportunity to make not only real friends but to become part of a long-lasting family.Java+bedrockDynmapEconomy Systemlgbtq+ friendly18+ onlyIf you would like to learn more feel free to add me on discord @ tn_gator#0235 or check out ourvery own wiki page for more information:
Anthony01M  SERVER OWNERS  |  MAR 2, 2021  |  6 MESSAGES
A General Language File Question
Do not leave, I'm not asking for help with my language file at all, this is for you, developers AND server owners.IntroductionLet me introduce you to my current idea, please listen before you say it's stupid or useless, I know some may care and it could end up good for your sake too!I've been currently planning for about 2 weeks now ( without officially coding it ) however I would like to know people's opinion on such condition of having, not only one language and an easy way to integrate it with many plugins, but multiple languages & have specific support languages - not only that, but also it would be a game changing, imagine your server fully translated from English to French, from French to English, from English and Frensh to Spanish , that's what our community wants these days, it's time to make sure all servers have more than one language.QuestionsServer Owners:1) Would you use this and want people to actually be able to translate and speak in other languages?2) Would you accept the fact that you're able to toggle off and on a specific language, know if the person is using X language on many plugins?3) Would you be able to have a database & a website ( if you do not know how to edit from the database ) where you'll be able to translate & change all messages you wish to change?4) Does this seem a wanted plugin if huge plugins start using it? like this, you'll be able to edit all sort of language files from a database or a website.Developers:1) Would you be able to change or even add / hook your plugin to a "better" system which integrates with other plugins & edit language files from one specific place?2) Do you know how a database works, and if you don't, if I provided a well detailed documentation on how to do so and examples of plugins, will you be able to use this?3) If you got suggested to add this, are you able to explain why ( in case you do ) you denied such thing? - I'll be willing to help out as long as there's one person interested in adding such feature into your plugin.4) Do you believe this is game changing?5) I understand some developers might only know one specific language, however, I believe we're able to help out in a few and you're even able to just add one language and make your customers happy, are you interested in such deal still or not? , please explain why so, even if you're interested as many might be wanting to know your decision.
Anthony01M  PLUGIN HELP  |  FEB 28, 2021  |  7 MESSAGES
Developers API - developers help
Hello,so I'm kinda lost and my plugin is basically developers / server owners based.if you're a server owner or a developer and would like to have an API on a logs system which have, MySQL integration / text file, in game chat logs/ what would you use an API for & what would you want it to be used/what do you basically want the API for.I'm currently thinking like my reports plugin integration/hook into my logs plugin, but honestly that's just a limit to my thinking and that's what I don't like, if I want to be a serious person I'd be wanting to see what others want to lead success for both sides, not just one.Does anyone, by any chance, have anything I'm able to do for developers API, e.g: if someone got maybe flagged for swearing, duping (check logs in case they want to see how the person dupe if the person admits to it), admits to hacks, etc. would be much appreciated to know what the needs are.Here's a few screenshots of me suffering tbh:
LoneDevilX  SERVER OWNERS  |  JAN 14, 2021  |  NO MESSAGES YET
Recruitment for RPG Developers/Staff
Hello guys,We are SkyHikerMC since 2020 June, from Malaysia, currently having Skyblock and Vanilla gamemodes. Our server is currently developing RPG gamemode, we are looking for passionate talents who can diligently create a better gaming experience! <3[LOOKING FOR]:MMOItem - Blacksmith & ArmorsmithRPG/Story/Quest Developers - BetonQuest makerHelper / Admin / BuildersMythicmobs - mobs creator[BUDGET]: only PaypalMMOItem = To be DecideRPG/Story/Quest Developers - BetonQuest maker = To be Decide , payment per monthHelper / Admin / Builders = Volunteer as wellMythicmobs = To be Decide[TIMELINE]:MMOItem - Blacksmith & Armorsmith = Hire for 2 - 4 weeks / PermanentRPG Developers - BetonQuest maker = Permanent as wellHelper / Admin / Builders = Permanent as wellMythicMobs = Permanent as well[DETAILS]:MMOItemEither join / not join the teamCreate mmoitem with documentation , balancing, and writing :star:config to create the items & Able to do things by selfAble to think of some idea on itemsQuick sketching of your idea into drawsEither with / without knowledge of 3d ModelingMature, friendly and responsibleRPG/ Quest / Story DeveloperRequired to join the team, and work togetherWith experience in BetonQuestGood story writing/idea thinkingAble to critical thinking & Able to do things by selfMature, friendly and responsibleHelper(or trials) / Admin / BuilderRequired to join the team, and work togetherGood story writing/idea thinkingMature, friendly and responsibleHelper/Trial = without ExperienceAdmin & Builder = With experience as wellWilling to do anything & Able to do things by selfMythicmobs , Mobs CreatorEither join/ or not join, and work togetherGood at Mobs Idea thinkingMature, friendly and responsibleWith / without experienceWilling to do anythingAble to do things by selfAble to make creation through config,And get the idea of texture (draw/google)Contact my discord FG#5011
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SupportBot is looking for Community Developers
Time has come! Our community development program has been re-vamped and is ready to go live once again. We have added some new guidelines to help remove inactivity but lets go through the role first. So as a community developer you will be given the permission to create an add-on for SupportBot and it will be marked as TRUSTED/VERIFIED. Non-community developer add-ons will not be marked as TRUSTED/VERIFIED. Requirements!Don't think you can escape requirements!...You must have knowledge in the supported languages for SupportBot (NodeJS)You are able to dedicate enough time into create additional features for SupportBotYou can complete challenges set by the Administration Team.Challenges!Once a week we will set a challenge for Community Developers to work one, They will be set to deadline in a weeks time and tested by the Admin Team. Failing to comply with at least 2 a month will remove you from the program.Join Community Development Today!Simple! Use -ticket in our discord server