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PineappleDevs | Plugin Creation [MULTIPLE DEVS] [2+ YEARS EXPERIENCE] [HIGH QUALITY]

Posted by PineappleDevs Mar 24, 2024

The PineappleDevelopment Team:


Hello I’m Y2K_, a Software Developer who is knowledgeable and well versed in Java Development as well as the Spigot API. I have a strong grasp on the Spigot API. I am a very fast learner and love to spend my free time coding and learning different projects. I am also capable with database technologies both SQL and NoSQL, such as MySQL, SQLite and MongoDB. My past development has been in API/Library development as well as experience creating Minigames and a Minigame Engine as well as Skyblock plugins.


Hello I’m EpicEbic, a Java Developer with a knowledge in SQL and know a significant amount with the Spigot-API. In the past I’ve created a few plugins that have been published with reviews enjoying them, this includes a Chat Game plugin and a few others.

Availability | Timezones [CST\, GMT]

Both being full time students it our schedules are busy. You can usually contact us any time of the day we will respond to you as soon as we can. Usually you can expect a response within 1-2 days. During the school months (September to May) you can expect a slower response time. Given any extended period where we are unable to respond to your inquiries expect an update on this thread and on our discord.


Note: Time lines differ between projects, but I will give rough estimates of time frames you could expect below.

Small Plugins \~1-6 days Medium Plugins \~1-2 weeks Large Plugins \~2+ weeks

Pricing: Note: All prices are in United States Dollars Small Plugins: $10-50 Medium Plugins: $50-100 Large Plugins: $100+


All Terms must be considered prior to requesting services

  • Redistribution of private plugins is prohibited unless you discuss with me prior and we provide consent
  • Prior to work starting we must receive a complete document of all features you want to include in your plugin, this document helps us gauge which price range you are in. Any changes to this document later in development will not be accommodated without additional payment.

Portfolio: PineappleDevelopment Github Y2Kwastaken Github The-Epic Github

Contact PineappleDevelopment Discord Server Invites Broken? If the invite above is broken you can friend me or ebic Y2K_ Discord: @miles_dev Ebic Discord: @ebic_dev

If you contact us from our discord’s and the link is not broken you will simply be redirected to the discord. All transactions and discussions occur within the discord for organizational reasons.