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✨EQUARE Studios ✨ High-Quality and Affordable Plugin Development ✔️

Posted by Quared Sep 14, 2021

Hello all!

I am Quared, the founder of EQUARE Studios, here to talk to you about my services.

What is EQUARE Studios? EQUARE Studios is a Spigot plugin development server, where you can buy custom or pre-made plugins from us. We offer fast delivery times, cheap prices, and high-quality plugins.

Why choose us over anyone else? You should choose us, because of our cheap prices and reliable services. While developing your plugin, we will work with you to try and make your plugin exactly what you want. We will also offer configuration, in case you do not like the design of the plugin.

Here at EQUARE Studios, we know what it's like to be a small server owner with a small budget trying to find a developer, but they are all so expensive. That's why we make our prices so cheap.

How do I purchase a plugin? Join our Discord server. First, you must read the Terms of Service and Rules. Once you have agreed to these, you will gain access to the server. Click on #create-a-ticket to create a commission ticket. It can take up to 24 hours to receive a response from a programmer.

What past work have you done? You can see our past work on the Discord server, by viewing the channel #portfolio. I have developed my own server (, you can check out and see what I have done.

What are your prices [BungeeCord and Spigot]? DISCLAIMER: These prices are not final, and will most likely differ depending on the product. Basic Plugin: $0 USD

  • Something that takes < 1 hour. No need to charge anything. Small Plugin: $3-10 USD
  • Could be some basic commands, join messages, etc. Would take 1-3 hours. Medium Plugin: $10-25 USD
  • Could be interactive commands, scoreboards, GUIs, etc. Would take 1-3 days Large Plugin: $25-80 USD
  • Could be a friends/party system, ban/mute manager, a leaderboard system, etc. Would take 3-7 days Minigame/Game Plugin: > $100 USD
    • Games could be a core KitPvP plugin, a core SkyBlock plugin, a core Lobby plugin, etc. Would take 7+ days.

What are your delivery times? You can find the delivery times in the prices section above. They are a guideline and may differ depending on the plugin size.

Links: Discord: