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JohannesHQ's Services

Posted by NoPermission May 21, 2022

Hi reader,

I am Johannes, 22 years old. I have 10 years of experience in Minecraft & networking. I've been very interested in servers since I've been playing Minecraft and have always been involved with them.

I helped many servers, and also built many servers. I had stepped away from Minecraft for a while. And now I've decided to help other server owners!

What I do:

  • System Administration
  • Server Maintenance (Security &
  • Server Setups/Configurations
  • Java Developing (front & back-end)
  • Server Performance Upgrades
  • Pterodactyl Setup
  • And more

Because I'm still fairly new and haven't built up a good portfolio yet, I do everything for a decent price.

GitHub: Discord: JohannesHQ#5133 Minecraft Accounts: NoPermission, MassiveLag