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AVOXMC NETWORK - Looking for Management & In-Game Positions! - APPLY TODAY!

Posted by JustAlex11 Dec 13, 2022

Apply Today!

AvoxMc Network is looking for volunteers to join the staff team with various positions to fill. All the way from the in-game positions to more management-appointed positions.

Join the Discord Community: 🔗

From A&J:

A&J is in the process of going back to their old ways of getting new experiences in front of new people. A&J have had a following for a couple of years, but the following has been decreasing ever since COVID-19, with all the thought that went into making some of A&J’s old servers they are coming back to execute something great.

“We are glad we can continue to change lives and alleviate people’s boredom at home."

About AvoxMc Network:

One of A&J’s current projects is AvoxMc Network. Avox Network is a forthcoming Minecraft Server Network starring Survival, yup, just survival. JUST KIDDING, not just survival, Avox Network is in the process of redesigning the Minecraft survival experience. A&J comments; “Regular survival has been around for way too long, we need to spice it up.” says John. With this in mind we can guarantee that A&J’s efforts will be brought forward contemplating this the whole way through.


Since this server is being brought up entirely from scratch a lot of initiation and preparation had to be done, such as;

Designed a brand entity for Avoxmc Network Staff Application & Recruitment Process Purchased Hosting, Domain, and Website Installed an archive database These are just some of the few advancements Avox has made so far and in order to proceed AvoxMC is in need of staff.

Open Positions:

Please join the Discord server for further opportunities or information.

A full list of positions can be found here: 🔗

How to apply:


Able to contribute at least seven hours a week to Avoxmc Network Interest in bringing joy to people and wearing many hats Fluent in English 14 years of age and above (position-specific). By being present in the Discord Community, it is quicker for all of us to communicate. We are using Airtable forms for the application process. Using the link provided, fill in the required details and we will get back to you shortly using Discord.

Join the Avox Network Discord server: 🔗 Complete this application form: 🔗 Reply in this thread to let us know you have submitted your application!

Thank you for taking an interest in AvoxMC Network!

All the best, the A&J Developments team.