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Multiple service request nordic SMP systems

Posted by vaporkitten Jan 14, 2023

Multiple service request "Quote each or combined" Budget is expandable, name what your time is worth and we can discuss it from there

Hunter profession Using MMOitems as for itemization

  • The player is able to sneak+rightclick with a skinning knife on a selection of dead NPC's "corpses are generated when the entity dies, then removed either after 2 minuts or removed when skinned by a player
  • Skins can be used to craft warm clothes to survive strong icy biomes like Jutenheim and Nilfheim, controlled by either a "region" based selection or lands thing
  • When skinning hunter exp is gained and a selection of skins based on the mob is rewarded 100% of the time, scales with hunterlevel up to 4 skins in bonus for a single skinning session
  • The hunter can exclusively make these armors "besides leather" which is available to everyone. an idea could be that the hunter can make a hardened leather version or reinforced leather version with more defence

Florist/herbalist profession Using MMOitems as for itemization

  • Florits/herbalists can exclusively pick custom herbs in the game and brew ambrosias and teas. these herbs have a particle emitting from them, based on profession level
  • Tea's and ambrosias can have multiple effects but more effects the lower the duration
  • One cannot drink the same drink twice "10 second cooldown"
  • Teas can be used to put out fire and wither on yourself just like milk. "heals and saturations, negative statuseffects"
  • ambrosias can be used to enhance ones powers such as haste/strenght so "buffs"

BUILDER Profession

  • The player "the builder" is able to take in player commisions from customers
  • the customer can order a specific size area for their build an example would be 10x10 blocks and set their budget
  • price on area depends on tiers. the customer can choose their commision takers based on their Builder tier
  • Builders can gain Builder Karma, this is a pointsystem that determinates the rank of the builder outside the "jobs" level
  • There is 4 tiers of builders.
  • when the customer accepts the commision taker "the builder" the customer is presented with the base cost of the build as per size "tier fee" + their own budget
  • when the builder is done building the area, they can now turn in the project for revision, the customer can now either accept or choose revisions as many times as they need
  • When choosing accept the customer pays the builder their fee + the set budget
  • if the customer chooses revision. the money is withdrawn from their account, and noticed that they have 1 revision left untill the project gets more expendsive
  • if the customer uses more than the allowed revisions the project gets drasticly more expendsive, each revision increases the build cost by additional 15%
  • Finally on accepting the builders, build. The player is now forced to give between 1-10 Builder Karma points based on their satisfaction. this ensures that the builder gets a good rep.
  • the builder can start a build with /startbuilding, when this is done an area of the selected size is created as a region with full permissions "the area cannot extend over existing claims"
  • when using /startbuilding. the area is now selected on the ground and framed by Limegreen wool blocks. within the area they are free to build other players cannot enter this area or place/break blocks. Flowing of lava and water is not allowed too

Ideas welcome as for the following

  • Cooker
  • Crafter
  • Digger : perhaps a form of archeology, to be able to make Quarries and look for artifacts
  • Engineer
  • Explorer
  • Smelter
  • Tamer
  • Taster
  • Farmer
  • Miner
  • woodcutter
  • Weaponsmith
  • Enchanter
  • Florists/herbalist

Norse Gods pledge system Currently not in use we need a system, we use itemsadder and maby happyhud, further details can be added if you are interested

  • The system should consist of a pledge system based on spirit, each player can obtain a maximum of 100 spirit, changing or taking a pledge costs 50 spirit
  • their talents or perks is based on exp gained within the pledge, exp gained is permanently added and is not reset on choosing another pledge
  • A player can choose to become a diciple of either of the gods after reaching max level and by restarting into "Newgame mode" gaining twice the effects
  • Add options for players to buy pledge pass - allowing one to pledge too 2 gods at the same time