-聽Custom vending machines where users can buy and sell items.
- Presonalise to any color.
- Previews the items it sells in real time.
- 6 Preconfigured models! (includes 3 empty models and 3 with items inside)
- Add, Remove, and Edit the vending machines in game with a gui.
- Customize the UI as you want.
- Custom buy with unique UI
- Compatible with ItemsAdder items.
- Compatible with Model Engine (including Demo Version).
- Compatible with聽ItemBridge聽(UltimateFoods,聽qa,聽kci,聽cui)
- User can place VMs (vendingmachines.place)
-Stock system
- Opens a menu with all the configured vending machines.
/vm reload
- Reloads all the config files and placed VMs.
You can configure the plugin from an interactive menu of the game (/VM) or from the server files.
1) Download the plugin and resourcepack.
2) Place the plugin in plugins folder, also download and place聽vault聽dependency.
3) a) (Ignore if you have ItemsAdder or Oraxen) If you have no plugin that send a resourcepack to users, this plugin will send the rp to user automatically. This can be disabled in the config.
b) If you have itemsadder or oraxen the plugin will detect that and create the configs.
4) Start your server, when the folder "VendingMachines" do not exists it will be created automatically with all the default config.
Note that this plugin detects if you are using itemsadder or Oraxen and the config is created in relation to that, so if you remove some config, things might break.
Plugin Review | English聽(MatSitox 2)
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