An addon for EconomyShopGUI which allows chests to be sold every time the sell interval occurs.
✔️ The contents of the chests are automatically sold to EconomyShopGUI's shop
✔️ Customize the time for the sell interval inside the config
✔️ Specify a maximum amount of chests per player
✔️ Fully customizeable language file
✔️ Chests are sold divided over the interval rather then selling all chests at once
  • /asc give [player] [amount] - Allows you to give players sell chests
  • /asc remove <id> - Remove a chest with its ID
  • /asc view <player> - See all chests a player has and information about them
  • /asc reload - Reloads the plugin
  • autosellchests.give - Gives you access to the give command
  • autosellchests.remove - Gives access to the remove command
  • autosellchests.view - Allows access to the view command
  • autosellchests.reload - Allows you to reload the plugin
  • autosellchests.maxchests.override - Allows you to place unlimited sell chests ignoring the maximum limit
The only plugin required is EconomyShopGUI or the Premium version.
This plugin uses the Economy provider which EconomyShopGUI uses so no economy plugin is needed.
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