1.1.10 Feb 27, 2023
Version 1.1.10
  • Add compatibility for the new BedWars1058 sidebar implementation.

1.1.9 Nov 29, 2022
Version 1.1.9
  • Fix the issue where the game doesn't start (#48).
  • Fix the problem where the game doesn't end when the game hoster leaves (#47).
  • Fix the issue where private mode gets bugged after a single private game (wasn't reported).
  • Fix the issue where normal players could join a private arena even tho they were not in the party (#51).
  • Fix the issue where private mode was always showing "enabling" after running the toggle command (#52).

1.1.8 Hotfix Aug 16, 2022
Version 1.1.8 Hotfix
  • Fixed incompatibility with Polymart.

1.1.8 Aug 11, 2022
Version 1.1.8 Major Fixes

Implemented Features:

  • Added a feature to get the current private game's modifiers information via /private admin modifiers (#23).
  • Added a requirement to not start the game alone (#37).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed heart remaining the same after a match (#42).
  • Fixed Private Games not working as it was expected on BUNGEE mode (#43).
  • Fixed issue when the countdown doesn't reset after a player leaves (#44).

NOTE: The plugin requires a small change on BedWarsProxy which was breaking Private Games on BUNGEE mode, please consider reading the announcement on the Discord server.

1.1.7 Mar 13, 2022
Version 1.1.7
  • Fixed issue where plugin having error message on startup (#27, #34).
  • Fixed issue where plugin freezing the console while enabling it (#31).
  • Fixed issue where /private command returning an error in console (#28, #29).
  • Fixed issue where you can't disable Disable Block Protection modifier (#30).
  • Fixed issue where Low Gravity and Speed modifier expiring after drinking a potion (#32).
  • Fixed issue where /private settings command returning an error in console Java 16/17 (#33, #35).

1.1.6 Feb 27, 2022
Version 1.1.6
  • Fixed issue #20 (Critical)
  • Fixed issue #21
  • Fixed issue #22 (Critical)
  • Fixed issue #26 (Critical)
  • Fixed issue #27

WARNING: This is an important update, please make sure to update it.

NOTE: Expect new feautres on the next update, also if you have any ideas please post them here.

1.1.5 Jan 25, 2022
Version 1.1.5
  • Fixed issue #18.
  • Fully fixed issue #3.
  • Fixed issue #14.
  • Added Persian Translation (Translated by Sxhqil).

1.1.3 Nov 28, 2021
Version 1.1.3
• Fixed issue https://github.com/MherZaqaryan/BedWars1058-Private-Games/issues/8
• Fixed issue https://github.com/MherZaqaryan/BedWars1058-Private-Games/issues/12
• Fixed Disable Block Protection modifier issue where it doesn't let to break a block sometimes.
• Implemented feature https://github.com/MherZaqaryan/BedWars1058-Private-Games/issues/4
• Implemented feature https://github.com/MherZaqaryan/BedWars1058-Private-Games/issues/11
• Added Spanish Translation (Translated by ImJoycePG)
• Added Italian Translation (Translated by 𝓧𝔁_𝔂𝓾𝓻𝓲2005_𝔁𝓧)

1.1.2 Nov 15, 2021
Version 1.1.2
• Fixed issue https://github.com/MherZaqaryan/BedWars1058-Private-Games/issues/3
• Fixed issue https://github.com/MherZaqaryan/BedWars1058-Private-Games/issues/7
• Fixed issue where party owner could enable private games mode in-game.

1.1.0 Oct 27, 2021
Version 1.1.0
• Fixed issue where you can see MISSING_LAN instead of real messages.
• Fixed issue where the language files don't update when you have other addons installed (Ex. Compass).
• Fixed issue where you can move Game Settings Item on your inventory.
• Fixed issue where you are having 60 max health if your max health was 60 on the last game.
• Fixed event times multiplayer issue where it's not changing the time properly.
• Fixed issue where the game settings don't work properly.
• Added missing configuration command path for "Go Back" item on the game settings menu.
• Added a new verification system for the users.

For more info join my discord server: https://discord.gg/HjbFGqX8Qn

1.0.0 Oct 21, 2021