This plugin makes hoppers useless!
CDropCollector collects dropped items with tons of extra features!
It makes life easier for both players and server owners.
Players don't need to deal with ugly hopper redstone stuff.
You can create a collector for each item in Minecraft! There are no limits in CDropCollector!
  1. CDropCollector doesn't require any plugin to run.
  2. Fully configurable! Everything is configurable. You can choose between hooks.
  3. Over 20 plugins supported.
  4. All versions from 1.8.8 to 1.19.4 are supported.
  5. We support 8 region management (aka anti-grief) plugins!
  6. We support 3 database types! (YAML, MySQL, MongoDB)
  7. We support 2 economy systems, Vault and PlayerPoints.
  8. We support Stacker plugins! RoseStacker, UltimateStacker, WildStacker and zItemStacker.
  9. We hook into your shop plugin and get the item values from their APIEconomyShopGUI (including premium), ShopGUIPlus, OneStopShop, GUIShop.
  10. We support unlimited collector types! This means you can create a collector for every item!
  11. We use MiniMessage as our component parser.
  12. Low resource usage, created to be the best.
  13. Auto Sell: If enabled, the collector will empty the storage once it's full.
  14. Auto Kill: If enabled, the spawned mobs will be killed automatically.
  15. Auto Harvest: if enabled, fully grown crops will be harvested automatically.
  16. Shop System! Players can buy collectors themselves.
  17. Logging/History System! Players can view their collector's logs. Pick and sell actions are logged. (limited to 5)
  18. Enable and disable your collector anytime.
  19. Upgrade system! Players can upgrade their collectors' limit!
  20. Fully GUI-Based! No commands to deal with anymore!
  21. Developer API.
  22. And most importantly, you will get updates and lifetime support.
Using CDropCollector is very easy for both admins and players.
As an admin, you can obtain collectors with this command:
   /dropcollector give <type> [player]
As a player, you can buy collectors with this command:
   /dropcollector buy <type>
/dropcollector buy #
/dropcollector give # dropcollector.command.give
/dropcollector # dropcollector.command
/dropcollector reload # dropcollector.command.reload
dropcollector.notify # Update checker permission

Region Management (Anti-Grief plugins):
  • ASkyBlock
  • FabledSkyBlock
  • SuperiorSkyblock2
  • BentoBox
  • GriefPrevention
  • GriefDefender
  • UltimateClaims
  • PlotSquared (v3, v4, v6)
  • Lands
  • Factions
Economy Plugins:
  • Vault
  • PlayerPoints
Shop Plugins:
  • EconomyShopGUI
  • EconomyShopGUI-Premium
  • ShopGUIPlus
  • GUIShop
Hologram Plugins:
  • HolographicDisplays
  • DecentHolograms
  • Citizens
Stacker Plugins:
  • RoseStacker
  • UltimateStacker
  • WildStacker
  • zItemStacker
You want to use CDropCollector but your plugin is not supported? Reach me from discord!
Wiki can be found in here.
Join our discord server to get support.