DarkAuctionsX is a plugin that creates a live auction at certain time intervals which can contain a random amount of rewards to give! The rewards can contain items as well as commands and are mostly editable in game. The plugin is very customizable allowing you to edit almost everything!
You can check all the settings the plugin offers in the config files below!
/darkauctions - Check the cooldown
/darkauctions join - Join a dark auction
/darkauctions leave - Leave a dark auction
/darkauctions claim - Claim rewards from dark auctions
/darkauctions linkNpc - Links the joining to a NPC (will also despawn it)
/darkauctions unlinkNpc - Removes a NPC from the plugin's list
/darkauctions rewardsEditor - In game editor of the rewards
/darkauctions setDisplayLocation - Sets the item display location (at your feet)
/darkauctions setTeleportLocation - Sets the location players get teleported to on join
/darkauctions setEndLocation - Sets the location players get sent to when leaving/dark auction ends
/darkauctions forceJoin <player> - Force joins a player
/darkauctions listRewards <player> - Lists the rewards a player has to claim
/darkauctions giveReward <player> <rewardId> - Gives a reward to a player
/darkauctions removeReward <player> <rewardId> - Removes a reward from a player
/darkauctions resetRewards <player> - Resets all rewards for a player
/darkauctions resetCooldown <player> - Resets the cooldown a player has (if enabled)
/darkauctions start - Starts the dark auction now without resetting the timer
/darkauctions speedUp - Starts the dark auction now and resets the timer
/darkauctions bypassMinimum - Used in the enter time period, it will allow the current dark auction to take place without the necessary minimum of players.
/darkauctions reload - Reloads the plugin.
/darkauctions listExtraRooms - If extra-rooms are enabled, this command will give you a list of them.
There are two main permissions for these commands: player permission and admin permission, they are both configurable in config.yml!
  The Dark Auction can be forced via commands or start naturally when it's time comes. Players can join via /darkauction join or via configured NPCs which spawn when the dark auction starts and despawn after a certain amount of seconds defined inside the config.yml.
  Players will battle in bids for multiple rewards. To avoid full inventories or other kind of bugs that might take place during the dark auction, the players can claim their won items/commands after the dark auction is finished, from the claim menu via /darkauction claim!
  The dark auction system has anti-scam checks, meaning that if a player places a bid and then transfers the money to someone else, he will lose the bid.
You can also set up join permissions as well as money requirements for attending to a dark auction!
You can edit the slots the string of bids follows, meaning you can modify the existing zig zag into any shape you like!
You can add a cooldown for auction participation in case you want to limit the rewards a player can win and give more people a chance! It can be set as such a player that has won, will not be able to participate to a new dark auction until the cooldown has finished.
The rewards are mostly editable in game, and we encourage you to do so via our editing GUI! For easier functionality, the display name and lore of a reward needs to be set directly from config inside the file rewardSettings.yml! After you edit those, you can reload and the rewards will be updated.
A reward can have up to 36 different item stacks set up and an infinite amount of commands!
The plugin is able to hook to Citizens NPCs and use them for dark auctions. When a NPC is linked via /darkauction linkNpc it will auto-despawn and spawn again when a dark auction is about to start. If you want to remove this functionality from a linked npc you can do so via /darkauction unlinkNpc or just deleting it.
The claim menu is represented by a 3x3 gui in which rewards the player has to claim are shown. If the player does not have enough inventory room for them all, only a part of the rewards will be claimed.
%darkauctionsx_enter_time% » Countdown until the enter time ends
%darkauctionsx_time_left_start% » Countdown until the first reward
%darkauctionsx_bid_time_left% » Time left to place a bid
%darkauctionsx_current_reward% » Current Reward's Name
%darkauctionsx_current_players% » Current Players Count
%darkauctionsx_last_bid% » Displays the last bid amount
%darkauctionsx_until_auction% » Displays the time left until next auction
%darkauctionsx_items_left% » Displays the amount of left items in an auction

These placeholders are active only when a dark auction is playing, otherwise all will display "No Dark Auction", some messages of them are editable in config.yml
You can now have multiple rooms in which dark auctions take place! ATTENTION! They can't happen at different times, all rooms get triggered at the same time.
Each room has their own join permission, player limit and minimum for the auction to start and minimum amount of money required to enter.

The placeholders will try to automatically detect in which room the player is and adjust them accordingly. If it can't be detected, the default room is selected.
To setup locations for extra rooms you execute the commands you normally would but adding the roomName at the end. (ex: /darkauctionsx setDisplayLocation roomName)
To link npcs to specific rooms is the same thing as above. (/darkauctionsx linkNpc roomName).

You can also have exclusive items for just some rooms if in rewardsSettings.yml you put exclusive-for: ['room1', 'room2'] in the settings of an item.
For more details regarding it, feel free to contact me on discord! (qKing12#1918)

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