This plugin will allow a player to instant break of a block you just one left click! You can list which block types to be targets of instant break and you can give players permissions for each type or all listed.

This plugin also works with VKAutoPickup (v3.8.3 and above) plugin so that insta broken blocks will instantly go into player's inventory.

Supported Plugins:
In order for a player to use InstaBreak, s/he must be able to break a block. The following plugins, which define protected regions, are supported.


  • /instabreak help : displays the help menu
  • /instabreak reload : reloads the config.yml


  • instabreak.reload : allows you to use "reload" command
  • instabreak.break.XXX : allows you to insta break a block of the type XXX (such as SPONGE, OBSIDIAN)
  • instabreak.break.* : allows you to insta break all "listed" block types.
  • instabreak.break.bypass : allows you to insta break any block types.
  • instabreak.admin : you won't insta break blocks with this permission. (if you're OP, admins, you should have this permission)

You just put InstaBreak.jar file into your server's plugins folder.

If you find that there is a conflict between this plugin and some other plugins you use on your server in processing BlockDamageEvent, you can now adjust even process priority level within this plugin. (Please see the sample config below for detail)