NOTE: for plugin support, please use this.

This plugin allows you to automatically pick up items from your activity like mining and killing.

It not only picks up items but also:
  • process enchantments on the tool such as
    • Fortune
    • Silk touch
  • process mass pickups from mining explosion from TokenEnchant, MineBomb, etc.  Again, Fortune, Silk touch will be applied to all picked up exploded blocks!!
  • supports two types of Fortune behaviours:
    • Minecraft's standard fortune
    • Custom Fortune behaviour, as seen in @clip's AutoSell plugin.
  • explicitly specify the priority of the following event processing:
    • BlockBreakEvent
    • TEBlockExplodeEvent
  • allows you to list types of blocks, which should not be broken and picked up manually.  This feature included supporting plugins like SilkSpawner.
  • knows how to talk to AutoSell plugin to automatically sell picked up items.
  • knows how to put items in other storage plugins like Sack and VKBackPack if a player has those in the inventory.

This version supports 1.13 style new block specification as well as the old format. It supports all the following format:
  • 1
  • "STONE:2"
  • "1:2"

Demo Video:

Auto picking up some special plants such as bamboo, cane, kelp.

Auto seeding/planting.


Just install AutoPickup.jar in the plugin folder. Then you can either "restart the server" or "reload the plugin.

If you have other plugins (such as TokenEnchant, VKBackPack, AutoSell, etc), which also have their own autopickup feature, make sure turn off all those autopickup features and let VKAutoPickup to do all picking up.

Commands: [aliases: /ap, /autopick, /apickup, /apick]
  • /autopickup smelt : toggles auto smelting mode.
  • /autopickup block : toggles auto blocking mode.
  • /autopickup plant : toggles auto planting mode.
  • /autopickup autosell : toggles autosell (you need AutoSell plugin) mode.  It simply add/remove "autopickup.autosell" permission node.

The following three types of permissions should be given to players.
  • autopickup.pickup
  • autopickup.material.* :
    • autopickup.material.<material_type>
  • autopickup.event.* :
    • autopickup.event.teblockexplode
    • autopickup.event.entitydeath
    • autopickup.event.blockbreak
    • autopickup.event.vehiclebreak
    • autopickup.event.plantpick. (this is for picking up sweet berries)

The following permissions are optional
  • autopickup.auto_smelt
  • autopickup.auto_block
  • autopickup.pickuptoggle : in order to toggle autopickup, "UserPermission:" option needs to be on.
  • autopickup.auto_plant
  • autopickup.autosell_toggle : allows you to turn on/off autosell mode.

If you have a storage plugin like a backpack, virtual vault, etc, you can use AutoPickupAPI to register your storage plugin so that AutoPickup can send the picked up items to the custom storage.  For the detail, please check here