This is a level-up handler for LevelUp plugin.

With this handler, you can create a custom level-up system for Bow/Crossbow.

  • install LevelUp-BowHandler-x.x.x.jar into
    plugins/LevelUp/handlers folder.
  • restart the server or reload LevelUp (/levelup reload)
  • You will find Bow_config.yml in the handlers holder, and you can edit it to configure to suite your requirements.

There are two different types of booster available in LevelUp plugin:
  • Permission-based (associated with a player)
  • You can define your own permission for booster.  The following permission nodes are examples and defined in the Bow_config.yml.  "levelup.bow.multiplier"  """"So, if a player has "levelup.bow.multiplier.3" and "" permission node his/her xp gain will be multiplied by 3 * 2 (6).
  • Item-based (booster is tied to an item)
  • This feature is there but atm, there is no way to assign XP booster to an item.  It is planned to have something like crystals, which would carry how much item xp booster is given to an item.