NOTE: If you use Java15 or above, you need JSEngine plugin installed on your server.

NEW: TokenEnchant now has addon (TEAddon-LevelUpEnchantCondition) which uses item/player level from this plugin to limit maximum enchantment levels.

This plugin provides the mothership framework for various level-up functions to be independently developed.  When a level-up handler is released, you can simply drop LUP-XXXXHandler-x.x.x.jar into the "handlers" folder and LevelUp plugin will auto-discover the handlers and integrate it into the system.

Level-up handlers:
  • Pickaxe: fully customisable pickaxe level up handler. Each time you mine, your pickaxe gains XP points.  When XP points reach a certain amount, your pickaxe will level up!
  • Sword: fully customisable sword level up handler. Each time you kill a mob, your sword gains XP points.  When XP points reach a certain amount, your sword will level up!
  • Bow: Fully customisable bow level up handler.
  • OmniTool: fully customisable item level up handler.  Each time you mine/kill with an item (customized through config) your item can levelup.


# This is a config file for LevelUp plugin.
  ErrorMsg: "&c [LevelUp] : Some error occured : %error%"
  LevelMaxed: "&c [LevelUp] : the level for &e%level_type% &chas maxed out at &e%max_level%&c!!"
  LevelIncreased: "&c [LevelUp] : the level for &e%level_type% &chas increased to &e%level%&c!!" #  by &e%level_diff%
  LevelDecreased: "&c [LevelUp] : the level for &e%level_type% &chas decreased to &e%level%&c!!" #  by &e%level_diff%  
  NoSuchPlayer: "&c[LevelUp] There is not such a player (&e%player%&c)."
  NoPerm: "&c[LevelUp] You don't have a sufficient permission."
  HandlerListHeader: "&a[LevelUp] Resistered levelup handlers - page:%page%/%total%-"
  HandlerList: "%name% (%version%), %description%"
  HandlerListTypeMore: "&a[LevelUp] Type &c/levelup list %next% &ato read the next page."
  ReloadSuccess: "&b[LevelUp] Success: config file is reloaded."
  NoSuchCommand: "&c[LevelUp] No such command!"

# Customizable help messages
    msg: "=== &e[&aLevelUp Commands List (%version%)&e] &r==="
    msg: "&a/levelup help : display this help menu."
    msg: "&a/levelup reload : reloads config.yml."
    permission: "levelup.reload"
    msg: "&a/levelup list : lists registered level-up modules."
    permission: "levelup.list"

  - "lup"
  - "level"

# this option is for the target outlet of the messages to go.
  Title: false
  TitleDuration: 40
  SubTitle: false
  ActionBar: false
  Chat: true