IF you were to face issues I will investigate them and help you change the config to better suit your version!

Please read the whole page!

This resource is the result of months ofĀ thorough testing
This config usesĀ Matrix'sĀ built in protocols and checks and allows for faster detection and action times throughĀ Matrix'sĀ available customization options

21x21SwiftĀ Hack detection!

21x21ReducesĀ False Positives!

21x21Checks forĀ PingĀ andĀ TPSĀ before running the Punishment Command! (Hackers can't PingSpoof to bypass!)

21x21Hover over Alerts to viewĀ extra info

21x21Click on Alerts toĀ teleport to the hacker


Most Importantly a Server that does not experience LAG (Low TPS)
- LatestĀ MatrixĀ (ifĀ MatrixĀ template changesĀ it will take some time to adapt to the latestĀ -- Updates will be posted on my Discord Server!)Ā Matrix

- PlaceholderAPIĀ Link

- A Punishment Plugin of your own choice! (Ban/Kick)


For configuration support join my Discord server atĀ Link

The Terms & Conditions may be changed without prior notice

Terms and Conditions!!

- You may NOT redistribute this resource.

- Strict NO REFUND POLICY Since the items you receive when purchasing are Digital Intangible Items, there is a strict no refund policy. (DM me if you need help please)

- We/Author are NOT liable for any damages done to your server/s

- We/Author do NOT guarantee life-time support -- I will provide support and updates (when needed) for as long as I am using this resource myself