5.4.0 6 days ago
* Quick configuration Sharing
* MYSQL Logging System
* Disable checking in some worlds
* Fixed an EntitySpeed false positive when players riding skeleton horse in the water
* Fixed a Speed false positive when players walking on the ice block
> checks.yml: https://github.com/jiangdashao/Matrix-Issues/commit/4e9b9222c6ea1b21cbcd842c86b6f4690a99dfb0
> milestone: https://github.com/jiangdashao/Matrix-Issues/milestone/161?closed=1

5.3.2 Nov 20, 2020
Improved setback system
Patched a Jesus bypass when player riding horse on the water
Fixed a setback bug in step&phase check
Added the vehicle speed check for LLAMA
Added vehicle speed checks for all vehicle
Fixed some false positives

5.3.1 Nov 3, 2020
Support 1.16.4

5.3.1 Nov 3, 2020
Improved Jesus check (#2072)
Improved Fly check (#2078, #2083, #2088 )
Improved Nuker check
Improved Scaffold check, add a new check: type O (Experimental)
Fixed a fly false positive when moving in the cobweb
Improved the VL increase logic of ka.onehit.2 (It will give 0VL if the player triggers an unstable detection)
Fixed an Elytra false positive on moving on some special blocks (e.g cobweb/honey)
Removed a useless step check
Fixed a compatibility bug with the mcMMO skill
Fixed a Vehicle false positive when getting launched up on a boat by a water stream.
Fixed a false positive that the player broke the block when jumping
Fixed a Speed false positive when the player stuck in a block

5.3.0 Oct 12, 2020
Improved Performance, optimize a lot of code, reduce repeated calls
Add "Global Placeholders", you can define placeholders in language.yml and use them in checks.yml, which can reduce a large number of repeated statements
Fixed some elytra false positives in the cobweb
Fixed some speed false positives when jumping on the ice
Fixed an auto clicker false positive when dropping items
Fixed a hitbox false positive when hitting bees

5.2.1 Oct 2, 2020
update to 5.2.1

5.0.1 Jul 5, 2020
- Fixed various false positives
- Recode the lag point system

5.0.0 Jun 30, 2020