6.1.1 Apr 25, 2021
Support Floodgate 2.0 (and no longer support 1.0)
Improved Fastbreak checks
Fixed a bug that scaffold right-clicking check does not read the config values
Fixed elytra false positive
Improved Move check
Fixed many Move false positives
Patched a liquid walk bypass
Improved server crasher protection
Added fake anticheat system, you can forge other anti-cheating orders (you need to turn on it in config.yml)

6.1.0 Mar 31, 2021
Move check supports ignoring those players who use special skills to climb walls(showcase), you can enable this feature in the configuration file (set "move.allow_bpe_bridge" to true)
Improved Move/Interact/Scaffold/Block check, patched some bypasses
Added global kick stats, you can view it in the Discord server
Fixed various Move false positives and support custom forced setback system
Fixed a performance issue
Fixed some fastbreak false positives
Fixed a Hitbox false positive when the player in the vehicle
Fixed a Move false positive when player right-clicking trapdoor under the feet
Removed a useless Killaura check
Fixed an Autobot false positive when player digging in the swimming pose

6.0.6 Mar 3, 2021
Fixed various Move false positives
Add back the creative fly check
Fixed some KillAura & Interact false positive
Support adjustable sensitivity of Move check when the player receives knockback
Fixed an Elytra false positive
Fixed a server crash bug on the 1.8 server

6.0.5 Feb 24, 2021
Add "max_burst_vl" to Hitbox check, which can prevent player get kicked when network lag spike
Improved delay check
Fixed some Interact false positives
Improved Move check
Fixed some Move check false positives
Fixed a server crash bug on 1.8

6.0.4 Feb 13, 2021
Improved the performance of Move check by caching the collision box of common blocks
Fixed various Move false positives, this should greatly improve stability
Fixed some false positives caused by block collision box differences between different client versions
Improved Scaffold detection for enterprise user
Fixed some interact false positives when the player uses the stone generator

6.0.3 Feb 4, 2021
Fixed various Move false positives
Patched some movement bypass
Fixed a Killara critical check false positive when jumping on the honey block
Modified the default maximum reach to 3.05

6.0.2 Jan 31, 2021
Patched some bypass and false positives

6.0.1 Jan 30, 2021
Fixed a bug in HitBox, which caused inaccurate detection in some cases
Improved Interact check
Fixed compatibility support for EcoEnchants
Fix the problem that the MySQL log system has errors on some servers
When the old configuration file of Matrix5 is detected, it will automatically delete and regenerate the configuration file
The asynchronous mode of Move check is hidden because it has many problems
Move check adds an option for whether Matrix should tp the player to the void
Improved Move check
The "/matrix status" command now displays the player’s recent verbose messages, which is useful for viewing very rare false positives, and you don’t need to keep the verbose message on.

6.0.0 Jan 29, 2021
Introducing Matrix6 to you. It has undergone a lot of rewriting and removed a lot of old code. Now it is more sensitive and easy to maintain. If you upgrade from Matrix6 to Matrix6, it is best to delete the Matrix folder and regenerate the configuration file.

New Move Check: Speed check and Fly check are completely rewritten and integrated into "Move" check, which has better performance and more precise detection
Improved HitBox check, it now has more accurate checks and supports checking non-player creatures
Recode Interact check, now it is more sensitive
Improved KillAura check and removed some useless checks
Split the click speed check from the KillAura check
Improved Elytra check
Improved Scaffold check
Fixed various false positives

5.6.3 Dec 26, 2020
Fixed a very rare KillAura false positive
Add fast throw detection in Delay check
Improved fast bow check
Fixed some false positives of fast inventory check
Fixed a false positive of creative fly check
Patched a Nofall bypass
Patched a Vehicle Speed bypass
Move Boat Phase detection from Phase check to Vehicle check
Improved Timer detection

5.6.2 Dec 23, 2020
Integrate and Rewrite the FastUse/FastHeal/FastBow/Inventory check, now they are merged into the "Delay" check.
Added FastSplashPotion detection in Delay check
Added some fast inventory action detection in Delay check
Fixed some KillAura false flags
Added dynamic violation weight for cps check
Improved Vehicle check
Matrix disables BungeeCord GeyserMC support by default. For some security reasons, you need to enable it in the configuration file to use it, and Matrix must be installed in BungeeCord
Added a new command "/matrix spec <player>", used to change into spectator mode and spectate the player

5.6.1 Dec 20, 2020
Fixed some KillAura false positives
Improved Fly check
Improved GroundSpoof check
Recode "KillAura.AimBot.MagicA" check, it is more stable and effective now. (For Enterprise User Only)

5.6.0 Dec 20, 2020
This update rewrites almost the entire KillAura check, bringing the following checks:
Protocol: Check if the player's attacking comply with the vanilla protocol/mechanism
AimBot: Check whether the aim of the player shows the characteristics of an aimbot
Click: Check if the player clicks too fast or uses an AutoClicker or Noswing.
Other content of this update:
Patched a Velocity bypass
Patched a Speed bypass
Fixed a console error when checking permissions
Added "%version%" placeholder for verbose message & checks.yml. It will be replaced with the player's client version.
Improved the command help interface, it will now be divided into multiple pages
Removed "/matrix cps" command, Because the cps check has been rewritten
Added new command "/matrix status <player>", He can show the player’s information
Removed "AutoFish" check

5.5.0 Dec 13, 2020
Add a new Killaura check(analysis) and removed some useless Killaura checks
Fixed a console error on the 1.16.4 server
Several false-positive fixes and bypass fixes
Improved MatrixAPI
Add SQL server name row, you can define the server name in config.yml

5.4.0 Nov 22, 2020
* Quick configuration Sharing
* MYSQL Logging System
* Disable checking in some worlds
* Fixed an EntitySpeed false positive when players riding skeleton horse in the water
* Fixed a Speed false positive when players walking on the ice block
> checks.yml: https://github.com/jiangdashao/Matrix-Issues/commit/4e9b9222c6ea1b21cbcd842c86b6f4690a99dfb0
> milestone: https://github.com/jiangdashao/Matrix-Issues/milestone/161?closed=1

5.3.2 Nov 20, 2020
Improved setback system
Patched a Jesus bypass when player riding horse on the water
Fixed a setback bug in step&phase check
Added the vehicle speed check for LLAMA
Added vehicle speed checks for all vehicle
Fixed some false positives

5.3.1 Nov 3, 2020
Support 1.16.4

5.3.1 Nov 3, 2020
Improved Jesus check (#2072)
Improved Fly check (#2078, #2083, #2088 )
Improved Nuker check
Improved Scaffold check, add a new check: type O (Experimental)
Fixed a fly false positive when moving in the cobweb
Improved the VL increase logic of ka.onehit.2 (It will give 0VL if the player triggers an unstable detection)
Fixed an Elytra false positive on moving on some special blocks (e.g cobweb/honey)
Removed a useless step check
Fixed a compatibility bug with the mcMMO skill
Fixed a Vehicle false positive when getting launched up on a boat by a water stream.
Fixed a false positive that the player broke the block when jumping
Fixed a Speed false positive when the player stuck in a block

5.3.0 Oct 12, 2020
Improved Performance, optimize a lot of code, reduce repeated calls
Add "Global Placeholders", you can define placeholders in language.yml and use them in checks.yml, which can reduce a large number of repeated statements
Fixed some elytra false positives in the cobweb
Fixed some speed false positives when jumping on the ice
Fixed an auto clicker false positive when dropping items
Fixed a hitbox false positive when hitting bees

5.2.1 Oct 2, 2020
update to 5.2.1

5.0.1 Jul 5, 2020
- Fixed various false positives
- Recode the lag point system

5.0.0 Jun 30, 2020