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The highly customizable, organized, and optimized checks configuration for Matrix Anticheat, a powerful, modern, and lightweight anticheat for Minecraft 1.8 and higher.

You must install all packaged files to use this configuration!
Otherwise, all messages will be unreadable and commands will not work!
This mainly includes checks.yml and language.yml.

💥 Features
  • Works on free & premium Matrix.
  • Tons of customization.
  • Improved violation & kick messages.
  • Lower amount of false positives.
  • Stricter checks. (Faster detection)
  • Conditional commands for lag compensation.
  • Multiple file types to suit your needs.

📷 Previews
Improved messages
Every single message has been modified to be easily read and understood.
Messages have also been greatly reduced in length to reduce notification spam.
Notifications, kick messages, comments, everywhere with text has been modified!
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Hover messages and click commands
You can hover over notification messages to see more details!
This includes client version, ping, server TPS, and the root check/component.
When you click on notifications, you'll instantly spectate the suspected hacker!
And of course, the commands and visuals are customizable in language.yml.
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Every aspect of the configuration is easily customizable via language.yml!
Commands, notification format, kick message, anything you'd ever need to change.
Changes you make will take effect everywhere the variable is used.
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🔧 Setup
Server Usage
  • Download the configuration package.
  • Rename Matrix's original checks.yml, language.yml, and config.yml to something else.
  • Upload/move the new files to your Matrix plugin folder. (/plugins/Matrix/)
  • Run /matrix reload or restart the server!

Cloud Usage
  • Download the configuration package.
  • Rename Matrix's original config.yml and language.yml to something else.
  • Change cloud_config.enable: false to true in config.yml.
  • Run /matrix reload or restart the server! The checks will now update on every reboot/reload.

❔ Information
Why post this here?
This project's home has been on GitHub since early 2020. Don't worry, it'll still stay updated and open-source! I've decided to bring the checks over to Polymart to bring the project to more eyes. If we sit in a cave, nobody will find us!

Variations are pre-made customizations applied on top of the default MatrixChecks files. They serve different purposes for different servers. For more information, read the FAQs.

MatrixChecks is free and open source. More information, such as FAQs, faster updates, and more is contained in the GitHub repository. Feel free to make contributions!

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Please do not report issues in the reviews! I'll be happy to fix any problems you have as soon as possible if you make a GitHub issue or join our Discord server.