Mine X Farm Regen Plugin
Effortless Block Regeneration for Minecraft Servers ⛏️
Welcome to Mine X Farm Regen Plugin Page! Easily set up block regeneration areas on your Minecraft server and enhance your players' experience.
✨ This plugin operates on the basis of regions, known as cuboid boxes, allowing you to control block regeneration within specific areas. Customize various aspects, including drop items, drop amounts, drop experience, drop names, drop lore, delay settings, regions, money rewards, and much more.
With over 2k downloads and endorsed by popular YouTubers like KasaiSora and Server Miner, Mine X Farm Regen Plugin has gained the trust of the Minecraft community. For your convenience, we provide high-quality support through our dedicated Discord server. We take pride in our ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings on the Spigot page, reflecting the satisfaction of our users.
1️⃣ Click the "Download" button to get the Mine X Farm Regen Plugin jar file.
2️⃣ Navigate to your server's plugin folder.
3️⃣ Drag and drop the downloaded jar file into the plugin folder.
4️⃣ Ensure that your server version is 1.17 to 1.20 or above.
5️⃣ Mine X Farm Regen Plugin has no dependencies, making it hassle-free to install.
6️⃣ However, if you wish to enable money rewards, you'll need two soft dependencies: Vault and an economy plugin like Essentials X.
Take control of block regeneration in Minecraft with Mine X Farm Regen Plugin! This powerful tool supports a wide range of blocks, including ore variants, wood variants, farm crops, copper variants, stone, and deepslate.
Our plugin provides an intuitive GUI that allows you to effortlessly add any blocks to the regeneration process directly in-game. Whether it's valuable ores, decorative wood types, or bountiful farm crops, Mine X Farm Regen Plugin has got you covered!
Experience the convenience of managing block regeneration seamlessly within Minecraft. No need for complicated setup or external configuration files. Simply use the plugin's user-friendly interface to customize your regeneration settings on the fly. ✨
1️⃣ Use the region wand to select the desired area for regeneration.
2️⃣ Create a region within the selected area. ✂️
3️⃣ Access the regen edit GUI to fine-tune the settings. Adjust the drop amount, delay, and other customizations to your liking. ️
✨ Take full control over your block regeneration process by customizing it to suit your server's needs. With Mine X Farm Regen Plugin, the possibilities are endless!
Discover the power of Mine X Farm Regen Plugin with these essential in-game commands:
  • /regen wand: Acquire a wand for selecting positions.
  • /regen pos1: Set the first position for region creation. 1️⃣
  • /regen pos2: Set the second position for region creation. 2️⃣
  • /regen create: Create a new region for block regeneration. ⛏️
  • /regen delete: Remove an existing region. ️
  • /regen reload: Refresh and reload the plugin.
  • /regen menu: Open the Regen GUI for easy access to plugin features. ️
  • /regen version: Check the current version of the plugin. ℹ️
Permission Nodes
To control access to specific features of the Mine X Farm Regen Plugin, we've implemented permission nodes. Here's a breakdown of the permission nodes and their corresponding functionalities:
  • regen.reload: Grants the ability to reload the plugin configuration.
  • regen.positions: Provides access to set the positions (Pos1 and Pos2) for region creation. 1️⃣2️⃣
  • regen.create: Allows players to create new regions for block regeneration.
  • regen.delete: Enables the deletion of existing regions. ️
  • regen.menu: Grants access to open the Regen Menu for easy navigation of plugin features. ️
Note: Players with operator (OP) status automatically bypass the permission nodes requirement.
Customize the permissions on your Minecraft server to give players the appropriate access levels and control over the Mine X Farm Regen Plugin feature
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