I'm uploading this upon some server owners' request.
It is based on the original MineResetLite plugin and includes my bug fixes and new features.

Your current MineResetLite config should work across all server versions supported by the original MineResetLite + any new versions the original MineResetLite did not support.


  • It supports non-cuboid shape mines such as Polygon2D, Cylinder, Ellipsoid in addition to a traditional cuboid.  You can use WorldEdit to specify such complex shape mines.
  • It works with v6, v7 and new-v7 WorldEdit (including FastAsyncWorldEdit).
  • This version also supports 1.13 style block specification, it supports all the following formats:
    • STONE
    • 1
    • STONE:2
    • 1:2
    • <custom_block_name_ID> (if you have custom blocks from a plugin like ItemsAdder, you can put the custom block's ID).
  • As of v3.0.0, features previously provided in MineResetLitePlus have been integrated (see "New commands & Permissions") 
  • If you want to display various placeholders in Sign/Holograms, you should. use PlaceholderAPI.  This MineResetLite comes with built-in PlaceholderAPI expansion module (no need to install separate PAPI expansion).  You can use those placeholders HolographicExtensionPAPISign (example of creating MineResetLite sign is on PAPISign's overview page) and DynamicSigns.

This resource is distributed under the same Apache License Version 2.0 and the original source code can be obtained from MineResetLite's source repository and modifications I made to this original are found here.

If you can make contributions towards updating or adding to the language files (phrases_xx.properties), please submit your pull request here.


  New commands & Permissions (added to the original MRL)


  Commands & Permissions:


It would be greatly appreciated for your donation (PayPal: [email protected])  to continue providing support for this plugin.