Note: Skill icons and the RPG ressource bar are NOT included in this product.


Here's my very first work on HappyHud: A skill casting bar for the plugin MMOCore!


  • Skill icon display - Show the correct skill icon to the slot you bound the skill to.
  • Hotkey display - Show you the correct key you have to press in order to cast the skill, depending on your position on the hotbar
  • Cooldown display - Add a black overlay to a skill when it's in cooldown, and display the cooldown remaining in real time like any mmorpg
  • Missing mana display - If you do not have enough mana to cast the skill, the skill icon will turn red!
  • Entirely customizable - I've written a lot of notes within the files to give you options and example to adapt this hud to your needs.
  • One free example skill icon (the fireball one !) along with a line of code that will work if you use the Fireball skill included with MMOCore
  • Three options available, including two that are automatically fully compatible with every RPG Class made by Samus2002

Compatible Classes:


⚠️There's a bug with the latest release of MMOCore that makes one placeholder not working, in order for this skill casting bar to work correctly, you have to use the latest dev version of the plugin until a new public version is out !


Feel free to contact me on discord if you're struggling to make it work or if you have any question related to this product.

Discord : .volya

This is a digital product, no refund possible!