7.0-PRE1 Jun 24, 2020
Fallback servers, Smart Command & Database improvements

- This update contains major performance & stability improvements on our Database handler.
- Added useSSL option (#22)
- Added connection timeout
- Added Smart command. You can read more about it here (#21)
- Added fallback balancer. It will basically teleport the player to the lobby with the lowest amount of players after player-server shuts down (#16)
- General plugin stability & performance improvements
- (HOTFIX) Fixed MC-Market anti-piracy issues

Config changes (add blocks below to your config.yml):
# Please enter your MySQL information below.

useSSL: true

# Where should players be moved after they /stop or /ps kill their server?

- Hub1
- Hub2

# Should we enable smart /ps command? You can find more info about it here:

# <a href='https://gitlab.com/OpenSource02/playerservers/-/issues/21' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>https://gitlab.com/OpenSource02/playerservers/-/issues/21</a>
smart-command: false

6.2 Jun 19, 2020
6.2: Bugfixes & stability improvements

- Fixed issues with /ps admin update printing "The update process is now finished." for each subserver
- General stability & performance improvements

6.0 Jun 17, 2020

- Fixed some issues with the configuration file.

6.0 Jun 15, 2020