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You can take a look at all enchants in the Showcase page, its recommended to read the official WIKI!

* Working on making compatible the non-compatible versions.

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  • Custom Token Currency
  • 14 Custom Enchants
  • Custom Enchant-GUI 100% Editable
  • Custom Potions converted to Enchantments ( Speed, Jump, Haste )
  • Max Levels and Cost Editable
  • Ability to use choose what type of item you can enchant and which enchant will conflict
  • Names editable for every single Enchantment
  • Sound and Titles features
  • Usefull commands to force other players to enchant their items
  • Ability to change and choose multiple commands aliases
  • Token-Check item editable
  • Refund de-enchant system
  • Usefull placeholders for Enchants Description, Levels and more
  • WorldGuard hook to avoid explosions to do not break blocks out the mine
  • Enchantments chances and cooldowns editable
  • Advanced block-removal system to remove blocks without lag ( Holes bigger than 200x200x200 blocks! )
  • Plugin addons for an unique server experience! ( You can be able to hook in other plugins and sell exploded blocks directly to them! )

  • Custom Gui-Pickaxe
    • The gui-pickaxe allow you to open a 100% editable gui via config, where you can enchant your pickaxe or items, this gui can be updated, support placeholders and it has custom heads support!

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    • The gui can be also opened by typing /tokens enchant, the gui can be disabled via config.

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    • prisonenchants.enchant - Permission to enchant
    • prisonenchants.deenchant - Permission to deenchant
    • prisonenchants.add - Permission to add Tokens to a player
    • prisonenchants.addall - Permission to add Tokens to all players online
    • prisonenchants.set - Permission to set an amount of tokens of the player
    • prisonenchants.remove - Permission to remove an amount of Tokens from the player
    • - Permission to view the Help Message
    • prisonenchants.reload - Permission to reload the plugin
    • prisonenchants.withdraw - Permission to withdraw tokens
    • prisonenchants.balance- Permission to see other players balance
    • prisonenchants.enchant.others - Permission to force a player to enchant his item
    • prisonenchants.deenchant.others - Permission to force a player to deenchant his item

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    Placeholders are already installed, you don't have to run any command to make them work.
    • %prisonenchants_tokens% - Get the player tokens formatted
    • %prisonenchants_tokens_long% - Get the player tokens not formatted
    • %prisonenchants_maxlevel_<enchant>% - Get the max level of the selected enchant
    • %prisonenchants_name_<enchant>% - Get the editable name of that enchant
    • %prisonenchants_cost_<enchant>% - Get the cost of the selected enchant
    • %prisonenchants_description_<enchant>% - Get the description of the selected enchant
    • %prisonenchants_level_<enchant>% - Get the level of the selected enchant from the Player hand

    - Big thanks to Madog24#5054 that created these awesome graphics