IMPORTANT NOTE: This plugin currently only supports a limited amount of versions: 1.16.3-1.20. Newer versions will always be supported!

> Information

RealisticSeasons adds summer, spring, fall and winter to your worlds, without a resource pack. Every season has its own set of features. It changes the looks of your world in a way never seen before. For example, the colours of the leaves will change (without a resource pack!), certain plants will grow everywhere and different animals will spawn. It also changes the behaviour of crop growth according to each season, days/nights will be longer/shorter and more! Everything in the world changes and players will feel like the seasons are truly there!

The plugin also includes one of the most advanced temperature system to date, adding even more realism to the server. Temperature is unique for every player and players will be punished or rewarded for having certain temperatures. The entire system can also be turned off if you don't want this on your server.

Seasons of course require some kind of year to cycle in, that's why the plugin has its own calendar system with dates, weeks, months and years. Days of the week and months can all be translated to your likings. Everything can displayed anywhere you want, since the plugin has full placeholderAPI support!

This video will show you how truly amazing the visuals are and also explain some of the mechanics. Special thanks to

@AntonioRush for creating the video!

Here are some example images of each season:

Want to see the plugin in action? Join McOasis.net and run the command /rstest to teleport to the test world. Changing seasons can be done through /rstest <spring/summer/fall/winter>. The texturepack that gets downloaded at startup is not used by RealisticSeasons but by slimefun (not used in the test world). Also make sure to check out their normal world for an awesome semi-modded survival experience!​

> What makes this plugin unique?

To see why this plugin is unique, I first got to explain how it works. RealisticSeasons changes the colours of the grass and leaves without the usage of a resourcepack. It also doesn’t require any client-side mod or even Optifine. This makes the plugin player-friendly, who doesn’t hate the resourcepack popups. It is all done through custom biomes.

The plugin will then change some biomes each season (to the custom biome) to make it really feel like the season. This is also how to plugin can make it snow anywhere in the winter. It may look like the biomes have changed, but they actually haven’t. Your Minecraft only thinks that they did (through packets). All real biomes are left intact on the server and so will their vanilla features. This means that you don’t have to worry about the plugin breaking your biomes, because it doesn’t actually change them (unlike other season plugins). This also means that all newly loaded chunks are instantly changed, once the season started it's impossible for a player to find a chunk with wrong colors!

On top of the unique way this plugin changes the looks of your worlds, it also adds a ton of other features to make the seasons feel more real (see feature list below). It will give your players a modded-like experience, suitable for any server, even if its just for you and your friends.

As a bonus feature, the plugin also has it's own calendar system and temperature system!

> Features:

  Features summary

> Installation:

Just drop the RealisticWeather jar into the plugin folder, download ProtocolLib and you are good to go! To enable seasons in a world, simply type /rs set <spring/summer/fall/winter> and the seasons will start cycling automatically. Changing the config isn’t necessary, everything is good to go. If you want the calendar system and time to pause when no one is online, use my plugin here.

Here is the default config:


The plugin also contains a calendar system. Name of each month can be changed. Here is the configuration file:

The temperature system also has its own configuration file as seen below:
The color and season effects of each biome can be changed in its file. The plugin creates a biomes folder and you can change the settings of each biome there. Here is an example biome file, forest:

You can also customize the color of custom biomes generated in your world:
Each server can create their own events for specific dates, weekdays or events that run every day. Events can be displayed through /season or %rs_active_events%. Calendar has to be enabled for this to work. Here is the file with some notes on how it works:


> Commands and permissions:

Code (Text):
Normal commands:
/season : display current season, year, month, day and days left until next season
/toggleseasoncolors: personal setting for enabling/disabling the custom biome colors.
/toggletemperature: personal setting for enabling/disabling the temperature system.
Admin commands:
/rs set <spring/summer/fall/winter> : change the current season in this world
/rs setdate <dd/mm/yyyy> : change the date of the current world
/rs install <generator> install biome files for supported custom world generators. Terralith 2.0 is currently the only option. Biome files can also be created manually by the user for any world generator you want.
/rs nextseason : change the current season in this world to the next one
/rs disable : disable seasons in this world
/rs restoreworld: undo all changes the plugin has done to this world
/rs toggletemperature: toggle the temperature system in the current world
/rs getinfo : display current season, year, day and days left until next season
/rs help : display this message


/season: realisticseasons.getinfo
Admin commands (/rs): realisticseasons.admin
/toggleseasoncolors: realisticseasons.toggleseasons
/toggletemperature: realisticseasons.toggletemperature

> Upcoming features:

Next update
- Season events
Far future, no promises:
- Adding different types of weather

> Version support:

This plugin currently only supports a limited amount of versions: 1.16.3-1.20. Newer versions will always be supported! Servers with custom world generators (including iris) are also supported. The plugin is incompatible with the following server softwares:
- Mohist

> APIs:

       More info on the API and soft-dependencies here

Having issues? Please don’t post a bad review below. Try contacting me directly or post in the discussion section of this plugin. You can also contact me on my discord server or on my github page: https://discord.gg/tMeXykSNny and https://github.com/casperge/RealisticSeasons-issues/issues. I will probably fix the issue the same day. If your server is lagging too much, you can increase this number in the config:
"delay-per-operation: 4". This will slow down all operations done by this plugin and improve your performance. Even though it slows everything down, it won't really affect the user experience.
Email address: [email protected]