Expansion Pack Vol.1

Add awesome frame textures and custom UI to your SpinToWin plugin.

You can get resource for free if you have purchased SpinToWin plugin, join our Discord and create a ticket to ask for this.


  1. 2 Upgraded button textures. 
  2. 1 nice frame texture.
  3. 1 awesome custom UI. (4 colors)


  1. ItemsAdder or Oraxen
  2. SpinToWin (can be purchased here.)

Without them, this resource won't work!

How to use?
1. Copy and paste the files to your server's /plugins/ folder.
2. Send /spintowin reload command in your server.
3. Copy and paste your server's /plugins/SpinToWin/pack folder to your server's /plugins/ItemsAdder/contents/spintowin/resourcepack folder (if this folder is not created, you need create it by yourself!) or /plugins/Oraxen/pack folder.
4. Send /iazip or /oraxen reload all to regenerate the resource pack.
5. All is done.





  1. You are allow to modify textures, but you need to credits us with this link.
  2. You are not allow to claim it was made by you.
  3. You are not allow to resell/share this to others.
  4. You are free to use as don't break those terms.