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Tz_Jager Aug 30, 2020
How do I get this back without pay twice for it?
I own it on spigotmc well owned it... till it was deleted.
Tz_Jager Aug 31, 2020
Figured it out after looking around the site. If its possible to send it over Spigotmc in a mass message that would be great for 0 questions like mine #tarded
ImRolyh Sep 24, 2020
Hello i have the same problem on spigot, i've bought the plugins 1 year ago and now is deleted, can u help me pls?
vk2gpz Aug 30, 2020
I gave courtesy upgrade/license transfer to the recent purchasers.
vk2gpz Aug 31, 2020
Spigot does not allow me to make such messaging.  They do not want me to metiong external sites.
PopFizz Oct 10, 2020
discord not working pls send me discord link
fra130701 Nov 8, 2020
Te-UniversalEnchant > Bugged, pickaxe is being repaired every time it changes from a item to another item.
Sometimes enchants are removed from pickaxe.

TE-Explosive > Excavation and Explosive:
If i put false on PickupTEExplodedBlocks explosive is still count brroken blocks (In EzBlocks)

Anvil are still bugged, errors while trying with 2 items with same or different tokenenchant enchants.
vk2gpz Nov 8, 2020
You do not own TE v18 license.  
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