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iNickko Jan 5, 2021
Awesome Plugin! Have been wanting to purchase it to add a bit of spice to my current server. I ran into a few issues (self-conflicted) and VK helped me out, quick and easily!
Version 18.12.6
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xdDirti Jan 2, 2021
Great plugin with loads of customizability. Loads of addons, and enchantments that you can download, most for free.
Version 18.12.4
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starwarsfreak219 Aug 25, 2020
Great plugin! Works as intended, and author is very helpful if there are issues. Been using TokenEnchant since 2016 and have had pretty good experiences with it since I bought it! Would recommend to anyone who is thinking about purchasing this plugin! ☺
Version 18.0.3
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Firosee Aug 21, 2020
Such a phenomenal plugin. Would recommend to anyone who is thinking of purchasing this! Good performance and the possibilities are endless..!
Version 18.0.2

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