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18.13.12 2 days ago
modified Enchantment's conflictWith process.

18.13.11 3 days ago
includes 1.16.5 support and built with the latest VKLib.

18.13.10 4 days ago
added add-on base class for OccurrenceMultiplier.

18.13.9 6 days ago
updated the handling of Disabled Enchant.

18.13.8 6 days ago
more region management plugins are supported.

18.13.7 7 days ago
reinstated the enchantment sync process.

18.13.6 Jan 11, 2021
updated the lore parsing process.

18.13.4 Jan 11, 2021
updated a method which applies an enchant effect on a player.

18.13.3 Jan 11, 2021
updated the handling of [drop] option for cheque and withdraw commands.

18.13.2 Jan 9, 2021
added Reasons: option in config.yml
The following option was added to TE's main config.yml

  Conflict: "Conflict"
  NotAllowed: "Not allowed to have the specified enchantment."
  NoRefund: "Refund is not enabled for this."
  MissedChance: "Lack of enchantment chance!"
  NoSuchEnchant: "No such enchantment."

for message like CannotEnchantThis, CannotRepairThis, CannotRefundThis, you can use %reason% placeholder in the message.

18.12.0 Dec 31, 2020
added support and updates for MultiplerPerm and Toggle add ons.
this update will allow you to use EnchantToggle addon:

18.11.2 Dec 27, 2020
fixed the new enchantment level check process.

18.11.0 Dec 25, 2020
updated TEBlockExplode event.
TEBlockExplode event now includes the "trigger" information, This represents what caused the event (such as custom enchant's name, or plguin's name)

18.10.2 Dec 25, 2020
forgot to remove a debug statement.

18.10.1 Dec 24, 2020
%l-tokens% placeholder now supports very long value.

18.10.0 Dec 24, 2020
It now supports polymorphic Custom Enchantments.
Some enchantment can be re-purposed with different behavior (polymorphism).
For instance, you can now use LuckyMining enchant to create different enchantments such as
*) KeyFinder,
*) BeaconFinder,
*) etc.

I will upload the tutorial on how to do this shortly.

18.9.1 Dec 23, 2020
updated the enchant name search method.

18.9.0 Dec 22, 2020
updated the conflict option handling.

18.8.2 Dec 18, 2020
updated the handling of EnchantedBook.

18.8.1 Dec 16, 2020
added CommandAliases: option.

18.8.0 Dec 14, 2020
updated the command framework and minor update.
It uses a new command framework,
CE now has resetCooldown(Player) method.

18.7.3 Dec 6, 2020
updated Command framework.
if you don't have the following Message in your config.yml, you can add it and customize it.

  NoSuchCommand: "&c[TE] No such a command!"

18.7.2 Dec 2, 2020
Built against the latest Vault (1.7.3).
This is a minor update to include the support for Vault 1.7.3.

18.7.1 Nov 20, 2020
removed obsolete/unused options.

18.7.0 Nov 17, 2020
consolidated TEBlockExplodeEvent handling for default explosion processing.
As of v18.7.0, TE itself provides the method to handle (pickup or naturally drop) TEBlockExplodeEvent.

If you do not have a more sophisticated pickup plugin such as VKAutoPickup, you can use this method for rudimentaly explosion processing. It only supports Fortune enchant during the processing, other enchants such as Silktouch, or smelting process is not included.

To support this consolidated method, TE now has the following new option:

# This is included from v18.7.0
# this provides the default pickup handling of TEBlockExplodeEvent
# if you have another more sophisticated pickup plugin like VKAutoPickup,
# this option should be set to false.
  process: true
  #if process is true and pickup is false, blocks will be dropped naturally.
  pickup: true

If you have other plugins (such as VKAutoPickup, AutoSell) to handle TEBlockExplodeEvent, you can set the "process: false". And this should be the only place you have to turn on/off TEBlockExplodeEvent processing. All the other pickup related options present in other Custom Enchants will simply ignored (you can remove them or you can leave them as is... ofc, you would need to update CEs to utilize this new feature).

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