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theboyjamal Feb 14, 2022
Version 18.38.1-beta1
Excellet support by VK and top notch plugin with a ton of flexibility with the other plugins. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a custom enchant plugin.
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Skizzles Sep 26, 2021
Version 18.30.1
Before you compare this to any other Custom Enchant plugin, let me tell you how great this plugin is!

TokenEnchant has such an expansive list of features and options that will take you a while to understand, but once you do the results are AWESOME.

Between countless enchant options, every possibly command you need, multiple options for very specific instances.... it has everything.. and if the plugin does not have the option you need, just chat with VK and he usually is able to come up with a solution fairly quickly.

I send quite a few issues to Vk and am so happy with the results, anywhere from 1 hour to a few days and I get the fix I need nearly every time. There are times I send reminders but he's so active and works his butt off to provide a really good plugin.

There are issues, but there is always fixes for the issues. If you see someone with a review stating their issue was not fixed then they probably were either rude, impatient, did not provide details, or used a leaked version and expect their issues to be fixed now that they bought the actual plugin.

Vk is a hard working guy, all his projects are maintained as realistically as possible. He actively fixes issues, provides support, and chats with you about problems you have.

Overall I recommend TokenEnchant, I recommend his other plugins, and I recommend him as a person to give you what your server needs.

Thanks Vk!
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Rexmen Sep 19, 2021
Version 18.29.37
Dev is not gonna help you with anything, He just says that it works for him on his test server... He will show you it works but not gonna tell you what options he used and what config. He not gonna evene explain the options like what does MAX and VANILLA even do in config.. Maybe he knows what they do but some may not... I spent 2 days trying to figure out a config options which suits my server but dev did no help but ignoring, trying to avoid or saying im not using the correct config options but when i ask what option i should use he says thats diff to every server so i need to find out myself. But clearly i don't how to get those options working correctly and i needed help... Dev kept ignoring the issue and just showed it works fine on his server....

Author's response
... ignoring the instruction on what to set and complainting that it does not work as you wanted, Not much I can do abou that. Also, I should not have to put you first before my family, when I'm not contracted to serve you. You were given an instruction to submit a support ticket on the official site.
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AleMastro Jul 1, 2021
Version 18.27.1
This product is exceptional.
I have been using it for 4 years and the developer has always answered any problems.

We remind you that the developer is not a robot, there could be problems but I assure you that slowly he solves them all!

Questo prodotto è eccezionale.
Lo utilizzo da 4 anni e lo sviluppatore ha sempre risposto a qualsiasi problema.

Ricordiamo che lo sviluppatore non è un robot, potrebbero esserci problemi ma vi assicuro che pian piano li risolve tutti!
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Maxweellz69420 Jun 27, 2021
Version 18.26.6
Awesome plugin with amazing support! The developer was very friendly and patient when transfering me over to Polymart 10/10
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jamie Jun 25, 2021
Version 18.26.4
Incredible plugin. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for an extremely customizable, optimized and all around insane plugin.
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Lily Jun 7, 2021
Version 18.25.0
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pandakeny May 17, 2021
Version 18.21.0
I purchased your plugin using the link you sent me. But I need a little help

Author's response
you can join or submit a support ticket at the official site And let me know your Discord account.
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kchulka May 1, 2021
Version 18.18.4
There are so many problems with the plugin, i dont really like it. And the prize? That is just too much

Author's response
well, you've been using a leaked TokenEnchant. and mixing with config based on the leaked TokenEnchant, I cannot give you much help.
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iNickko Jan 5, 2021
Version 18.12.6
Awesome Plugin! Have been wanting to purchase it to add a bit of spice to my current server. I ran into a few issues (self-conflicted) and VK helped me out, quick and easily!
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xdDirti Jan 2, 2021
Version 18.12.4
Great plugin with loads of customizability. Loads of addons, and enchantments that you can download, most for free.
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starwarsfreak219 Aug 25, 2020
Version 18.0.3
Great plugin! Works as intended, and author is very helpful if there are issues. Been using TokenEnchant since 2016 and have had pretty good experiences with it since I bought it! Would recommend to anyone who is thinking about purchasing this plugin! ☺
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Firosee Aug 21, 2020
Version 18.0.2
Such a phenomenal plugin. Would recommend to anyone who is thinking of purchasing this! Good performance and the possibilities are endless..!

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