WalletPhone is created with CommandPanels , ConditionalEvent , ServerVariables and Placeholderapi

Tested in Purpur 1.16.5 and y Paper 1.19.2, 1.20.1


  • ServerVariables config
  • Placeholderapi config
  • ConditionalsEvent config
  • CommandPanels config
  • Resource pack
  • Installation guide

We offer you:

  • Cell Phone which serves as a tool for displaying player and server data but with a Roleplay, where you can use apps and buy visual customizations such as accessories and colors. (Cell phone and wallet come together, you can deactivate the wallet.)
  • Wallet which is used to store Physical moneyDNI Credit Card that comes with this add-on and is visually reflected once saved, for an enhanced experience. RP. (Cell phone and wallet come together, you can deactivate the wallet)
  • Functional social networks [TwitterInstagramTinderDarkweb] where you create and edit your profilereact to posts, reply to posts, follow people, hide notifications.
  • New payment methodNew "PayPalthat charges you a transfer fee just like in real life.
  • New private message system [WhatsappSIM chip system with interchangeable numbers, add contacts with customized names and block contacts
  • To avoid Antirol in a civilian robbery, the command /walletinv is added to show the amount of money and items in the wallet to everyone within a 3-block radius.
  • Sales menus of all available items.
  • Map and Bank App where you can associate it to your external complement.
  • 3 slot to display additional information such as Server Store, External Networks or Guides.
  • 9 slot available for display on the main screen of the cell phone.
  • Notifying through a call (No voice)
  Imagen in game

Wallet-free mode:




  • Cell Phone
  • Cash [$10$50$100$500$1000]
  • Portable batteryl [Loadedunloaded]
  • Battery and cell phone charger cable
  • SIM [Random phone number]
  • MicroSD [Unlock Darkweb App]
  • DNI [FemaleMaleNeutral]
  • Credit Card [Visa ClasicaVisa Premium]

Optional Modes:
Some functions are given the option to disable them:

  • Wallet
  • WhatsApp
  • PayPal
  • Bank (In case you do not have any complement of it)
  • Map (In case you do not have any complement of it)
  • Regions without signal (Requires WorldGuard)

Nota: Whatsapp y PayPal replace commands such as /pay, /tell and variants thereof, if you use an economic or messaging plugin not related to these commands, you should add them to config.
- español, English
(more languages coming soon)

Basic command:






  • ChangeOutput - /papi ecloud download changeoutput
  • CheckItem - /papi ecloud download CheckItem
  • Formatter - /papi ecloud download Formatter
  • LocalTime - /papi ecloud download LocalTime
  • Math - /papi ecloud download math
  • ParseOther - /papi ecloud download ParseOther
  • Player- /papi ecloud download player
  • Server - /papi ecloud download server
  • String- /papi ecloud download string
  • Vault - /papi ecloud download vault
  • Essentials - /papi ecloud download essentials
  • Utils - /papi ecloud download utils
  • WorldGuard - /papi ecloud download WorldGuard (optional for regions without signal)