This plugin provides the mothership framework for various war-related resources such as Halo-like energy sword/gravity hammers, or Guns, and Grenade from other popular online multiplayer games.

We will be releasing a number of different theme-based sets of war items, which can be plugged into this framework to create different types of war-like games.

When a war-item resource is released, you can simply drop "WOW-WarItem-XXX-1.x.x.jar" file into the "waritems" folder and the WorldOfWar plugin auto-discover the resources and integrate them into the WoW system.

Known WarItem resources:

  • Halo: (in development) This war-item resource includes items from Halo such as
    • Energy Sword: allows you to lunge and kill
    • Prophet's Bane: allows you to be invisible 
    • Gravity Hammer: allows you to shockwave and kill enemies
    • Tartarus Gavel: allows you to remotely damage your enemies.

  • RainbowSix: (scheduled)
  • CoD: (scheduled)