Send server resource packs in spoon-sized bites!
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NOTE: Arte works only on Minecraft 1.20.3+

NOTE: This is the mod version, plugin version is here.

About Arte
So, what does it do? Simple! Let's say you have a BIG server resource pack.
Every time you make a little change, you will have to manually re-host it somewhere, and players will have to fully re-download it.
This can get annoying. Arte splits the resource pack into parts (by namespaces), hosts it directly on your server
and sends each one as a different server resource pack!

Q: How is this possible? There can only be one server resource pack loaded at one time!

A: In 1.20.3 Mojang added a new feature that allows servers to send multiple server resource packs at a time!

Players will only re-download the parts that actually need updating, and apply other server packs.

Getting Started
To set up Arte on your server follow these steps.




Download and install the mod.

1. Start your server
2. Open Arte's config file
3. Set address to your server's public address
4. Open the port specified in config (1864) or put already opened port in the port field in config.
5. Restart your server


Put your resource pack source (not zipped) in the arte/resourcepack/ folder and run /arte reload.

For more examples, please refer to the Documentation.