Hooks & Additional Info

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Plugins that RoyaleEconomy hooks Shared Banks to:
(Not applying to old islands, only the ones created after adding the plugin)

The plugin also hooks if needed to Essentials or CMI to get old player coins data and transfer it into the new database!
Accessible via /recimport_essentials.
Accessible via /recimport_cmi. (If you need help with CMI compatibility please contact me, it can be difficult)

You can also transfer from MySQL to SQLite and the other way around!

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Almost any chat message can be converted to an actionbar message ('actionbar:message' instead of 'message')

The plugin also supports PlaceholderAPI!

The placeholders this plugin has are:
%royaleeconomy_interest_cooldown_detailed% (ex: 1 Day 2 Hours 3 Minutes)
%royaleeconomy_interest_cooldown_not_detailed% (ex: 1 Day)
%royaleeconomy_interest_cooldown_short% (ex: 1d2h3m)
%royaleeconomy_killcoins_total% (Total coins a player has made during the day)
%royaleeconomy_dynamic_coins% » Good for scoreboards and actionbars, is empty all the time and becomes +coins when player receives an amount of coins.

If you are interested in more info about the plugin like API, interest usage, kill coins usage, etc please check the documentation:
DOCUMENTATION: https://d-ghinea.gitbook.io/royaleeconomy/

For developers who want to use the plugin's API without having the plugin, here is an RoyaleEconomyAPI Jar

If the documentation is not helpful enough you can always join my discord for help!

My discord is qKing12#1918
Or just join my discord
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I usually respond faster on discord but you can dm me too!

This is my first premium plugin! Took long enough to make but hopefully you like it :)