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/rec shop manager to open the general manager
Shops! Who doesn't like them/need them in one way or another? The shop system is 100% configurable in game.
But if you still have problems understanding it, you are welcomed anytime in my discord!
The shops allow you to edit the background glass color, the title, the items (position & default displaying amount).
You can also set personal permissions for each shop. By default they have no permission needed.

The shops allow you to put custom items, meaning the nbt of the item matters too when selling one (Detailed Mode On).
Or you can only check the material of the item when selling! (Detailed Mode Off)
If you want an item to not be sellable you just set it's selling price to 0!
A neat feature this plugin has it's dynamic shops! Meaning you can sell to any shop items from every shop directly from your inventory!
You can also set items that can be sold only in one shop with the Exclusive Setting!
Also we have a sell history which allows you to buy back items!

You can also limit the amount of coins a player can use to buy/sell in shops (globally, not per shop) per day!
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/reshop open name to open a shop.

The shops also have a detailed buying menu where you can buy more items from the same type.
Every slot amount is editable inside the admin gui! If you set one slot to 0 the item won't be displayed on that slot.
If you set all amounts to 0, the detailed buy menu won't open at all!
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Admin Shop Editor Preview
ATTENTION! Make sure there are not two persons using the menu at the same time since changes might be lost!
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There is also a Sell All Function which allows you to set up commands or wands to sell stuff!
/sellall command allows you to sell your inventory globally or to a specific shop if specified. It also serves as an admin command for getting and giving the wands.
The wands on the other hand are defined in config, can have a limited number of uses and work on chests.

The wand is preconfigured to respect protections. If the player is not able to open a chest, they should not be able to sell from it.

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