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Gambling Menu Fix

Gambling giving the same chance over and over again fixed. (Caused by the last 3 versions) Jul 23, 2022
Gambling Internal Modification

To avoid creative exploits by canceling the losing animation, the plugin will now take the gamble amount on animation start and give the money back at animation end. Jul 18, 2022

%sell-amount% placeholder not working when the item doesn't have a buy price fixed.

Added a %scam-chance% for blackmarket item-price-lore-addition, fixed a sharedbank command issue.

Fixed a gambling exploit.

Removed reload command due to faulty behaviour. Jul 4, 2022
Fixed Item Names in 1.19 Jun 23, 2022
Bungeecord Addon Duplication Issue Fixed

Fixed a duplication issue regarding the pay command when using the bungeecord addon. Jun 22, 2022
1.19 Update (BETA) + Others

Updated to 1.19 (BETA).

Added a GambleFinishEvent.


Modified some internal functions because why not. May 30, 2022
A money exploit fix

Fixed an exploit (which I will not share, good job to those who found it am not spreading it).

Muted an IridiumSkyBlock error. Apr 13, 2022
Inventory Bug Fix

Fixed a bug regarding inventory click events.

1.6.5 Apr 3, 2022
MythicMobs Compatibility Updated

MythicMobs Compatibility was updated to newer versions.

1.6.5 Mar 13, 2022

1.6.5 Mar 13, 2022
Important No-Economy Modification

Modifications to prevent cases in which items are taken from menus on extreme lag.

IMPORTANT MODIFICATION on no-economy setting.

For future users, the plugin will not handle the economy by default! It will provide all the features but will not store the money inside it unless no-economy is set to false.

This decision has been taken after noticing that advanced versions of EssentialsX have a somehow agressive economy that collides with RoyaleEconomy and can produce data losses on latest versions of minecraft. I REPEAT, you can still have the economy maintained by RoyaleEconomy by setting no-economy to false, it is also required for bungeecord usage. Since a lot of servers use CMI or EssentialsX, I am trying to avoid future inconveniences this way.

1.6.4 Mar 7, 2022
1.18.2 Compatibility (BETA)

Updated to work on 1.18.2 (BETA).

1.6.3 Feb 15, 2022

Fix of the pay command for offline players on MySQL Non Bungee.

Fixed some issues with menus settings.

1.6.2 Feb 8, 2022
MySQL Banks and Shared Banks Cache + Updates

The Banks and Shared Banks will be cached on MySQL to improve performance. (BETA)

You can now use placeholders in shop names.

An issue regarding coin bags should be fixed.


1.6.1 Jan 16, 2022
Bungee Channel Name Change

Only updates the channel name for the latest bungeecord addon update

1.6.1 Dec 18, 2021
BungeeCord BETA + Updates
Sign GUIs should work on 1.18 too now.

Added a ShopBuyEvent to the API

Added a /rec bank/sharedbank setUpgrade <player> <upgradeNumber> command

Made /pay work for offline players too

Implemented plugin messaging for bungeecord (will require RoyaleEconomyBungeeAddon, read more about it on the addon's page)

1.6 Dec 8, 2021
1.18 Compatibility + GUI Modifications
Added 1.18 Compatibility (BETA)

The Sign GUI should now work on 1.17 (doesn't work on 1.18 though)

Chat GUI was modified to try to remove chat formatting

Modified database transfer functions which had some problems Nov 10, 2021
Added a subtle cooldown to the bank actions to prevent high ping users spamming the bank.

While testing the bank found a no-economy bug which I fixed (no need of it being mentioned)

Fixed some placeholders not behaving. Oct 19, 2021
More Modifications
Fixed more stuff regarding the balancetop.

Attempted some modifications that would allow RoyaleEconomy and EssentialsX's Economy to coexist better.

Essentials' Files changed in more recent update without me noticing which could have caused some issues on import. (Modified the /rec_importessentials command)

1.5.7 Oct 15, 2021
EssentialsX Notice
EssentialsX's forced economy might cause incompatibilities, if you use both plugins test their compatibility (money being maintained between restarts, shops/other plugins using the right economy, etc). It is recommended to set no-economy to true in RoyaleEconomy's config.yml if you use EssentialsX

1.5.7 Oct 15, 2021
Fixed Stuff in BalanceTop
Modified some BentoBox functions

Added /killcoins messages - which will toggle the messages you get from killcoins

1.5.6 Oct 7, 2021
Shared Bank Important Fix + Time Rewards Reset Command
The shared bank had some problems with IridiumSkyBlock as well as generating some ghost banks in general (fixed).

Time Rewards reset command: /rerewards reset <player> <rewardName>

1.5.5 Sep 19, 2021
Fixed balancetop placeholder issue, in a previous update the name and coins were inverted.

Modified the shop mechanics, added some extra restrictions to prevent the creativity of some people that find ways to bug the shop.

1.5.4 Sep 16, 2021
Double Update (Forgot to update a class)
Forgot to update an item constructor class, sorry for the double update.

1.5.4 Sep 16, 2021
Updates + Fixes
Fixed some chat input gui problems.

You can now have enchanted items in the menus by adding " enchanted" at the end of the id (example: item-id: '158 enchanted').

%royaleeconomy_purse_death_amount% and %royaleeconomy_purse_death_amount_no_commas% placeholders were added on request of a buyer, they display the default amount you can lose, depending on the talismans you have on you and the default lose percent defined in the config.

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