Vault (to hook into economy)

Another Economy Plugin (by default, RoyaleEconomy doesn't handle the economy | you can remove
this dependency by setting no-economy: false in config.yml)


BungeeCord - If you want multi-server sync, using MySQL is not enough, you will also need the RoyaleEconomyBungeeCordAddon in your proxy server to bypass the local server caches.
Even better than bungeecord is Redis support which allows you to configure clusters of synchronization.
Always choose redis over bungeecord addon.

ProtocolLib (if you are using sign guis)




(BETA) You can now have an unlimited number of currencies! They will be gradually implemented in the features of the plugin but for now are accessible only through commands & PlaceholderAPI!


Each currency will generate a PlaceholderAPI expansion under the name of reconomy-<currency_id>


You can use the following placeholders:
%reconomy-<currency_id>_balance% - Formatted string of the balance
%reconomy-<currency_id>_balance_no_commas% - Raw amount of currency


Each currency gets their own command and properties. (check more in the multiCurrency.yml file below).

The plugin offers an admin command to manage the economy:
/recurrency give [player] [amount] [currencyId]
/recurrency giveSilent [player] [amount] [currencyId]
/recurrency remove [player] [amount] [currencyId]
/recurrency set [player] [amount] [currencyId]
/recurrency balance [player] [currencyId]
/recurrency openExchange [player]
/recurrency openExchangeCurrency [player] [currencyId]
/recurrency openSell [player] [currencyId]
/recurrency openBuy [player] [currencyId]

Exchange Main Menu (opened through openExchange command above)


Custom Commands for the currencies:




Exchange from coins to any currency and reverse:




Multi Currency will gradually be implemented in RoyaleEconomy's features and other plugins features (sometimes on request).


MultiCurrency currently available in:


- RoyaleEconomy Shops (/recurrency shops, special shops that allow you to set a currency)
- TradeMe (enable other-plugins-hook and they will be autogenerated in TradeMe's config)



The plugin is very customizable and has a lot of settings you can configurate!
The config files are too big to be posted here, a link to a drive folder containing them:
Config Files Drive



You can use boosters globally or for a single player.
There are currently 3 categories to boost: shop selling, shop buying, and killing mobs coins gain.
You can have boosters triggered by a permanent permission (and they are active all the time) or just when the booster is triggered, which also can have a permission.



/royaleeconomy purse:
• add » add coins to player's purse
• remove » remove coins from player's purse
• set » set coins in player's purse
/royaleeconomy bank:
• forceopen » Opens the personal bank for a player
• forceopenUpgrades » Opens the upgrades menu for a player
• transactionlog » Gets a transaction log paper for a player
• add » add coins to player's bank
• remove » remove coins from player's bank
• set » set coins in player's bank
/royaleeconomy sharedbank:
• forceopen » Opens the shared bank for a player
• forceopenUpgrades » Opens the upgrades menu for a player
• transactionlog » Gets a transaction log paper for a player
• add » add coins to player's shared bank
• remove » remove coins from player's shared bank
• set » set coins in player's shared bank
• delete » delete a shared bank
/royaleeconomy shops:
• create » opens the chat listener for creating a shop
• manager » the general shop manager
• sortSellItems » gives priority to items who have detailed setting activated, enabled by default but after adding a new item you might need it
• reload » loads the items from files again
/royaleeconomy reload » reloads the config files and static values, doesn't work on all modifications since some of them need restart to run properly.
/recimport_essentials » imports data from essentials and overwrites existing players if needed.
/talismans give » you can give talismans from one of the three existent categories (random-coins, death-save, percent-reducer) and with a selected tier. The default tier is 0.
/talismans » open the talisman list
/killcoins » Displays the kill coins stats.
/interest speedup » Speeds up the interest by removing some hours from the remaining time until interest.
/interest slowdown » Slow down the interest by adding some hours to the remaining time until interest.
/interest reset » Resets the interest remaining time to the specified config value without triggering the interest.
/interest force » Triggers an interest without affecting the remaning time.
/interest » Command for checking remaining time until interest.
/coinsbag get » Transforms a specific amount of coins from your purse to a coins bag and gives it to you.
/coinsbag adminget » Gets a bag with a specific amount of coins without requiring coins from your purse.
/coinsbag give » Give a coins bag to someone else.
/reshop open » Open a specific shop by name.
/reshop forceopen » Forcefully open a specific shop by name to a player.
/balancetop purse » Shows the top regarding purse coins.
/balancetop bank » Shows the top regarding bank coins.
/balancetop sharedbank » Shows the top regarding sharedbank coins.
/piggybank get » Get a piggy bank.
/piggybank give » Give a piggy bank.
There are also the boosters commands which are unlisted cause they appear in the images.




The plugin lets you configurate almost if not all permissions you could need. If you want to disable a permission you just need to set it to 'none'. All the permissions are listed inside permissions.yml and their names should be self explanatory. If the names are still not self explanatory, you can just contact me on discord where i will help you at once! Also when a player executes a command they don't have access to, the permission deny message will also contain the permission they need. (The permission deny message is editable in permissions.yml)




Coins Bags are used to store coins as an item, you can trade them or just keep them.
They offer the advantage of not losing coins on death (if keep inventory is on, otherwise you will lose it just like any item).
In coinBagsAndTalismans.yml you can configurate them. Set a custom texture, change name and lore and also set a minimum and a maximum the bag can hold!
You can also allow your players to withdraw coins via a coins bag!
Piggy Banks are some handy items that you can use to open your bank from anywhere. Could be useful if you plan to block the /bank command.



This plugin contains some Economy Talismans. In total there are 3 categories of talismans with 3 talismans each. You can add/remove upgrades for each category!
The three main categories are: Random Coins Talisman, Death Saver Talisman, Purse Saver Talisman.
You can upgrade talismans with coins by right clicking it. If the talisman is not upgradable nothing will happen.



This plugin offers you two types of banks! Personal Banks as well as Shared Banks!
A player can have either both of them at the same time or just one if you enable the setting inside config.yml!
A bank allows you to withdraw and deposit custom amounts of coins, to do so you can choose between one of the 3 input types!
- Sign GUI (Requires ProtocolLib)
- Anvil GUI
- Chat Listener
You can choose one of them inside the config.
Banks include withdrawing menu, deposit menu, transaction history and bank upgrades!
All items in the menus are editable and movable, the size of the menu too!
Altough you can't add more items or remove some of the existing ones!


Banks are upgradable and you can configurate as many upgrades as you want with custom interest for each!
For more detail about how interest works and stuff like that please check the documentation from Additional Info
The interest is an amount of coins determinated by your bank upgrade and how many coins you have in your bank.
It is given to you once per 31 hours (editable in config). For more info about interest, once again, check the documentation.
Bank Upgrades can request coins as well as permissions, it is all for you to configurate.


You can use the plugin to reward your players for killing entities!
The system has a lot of features:
- Custom Entity Configuration and Normal Entity Configuration
- Permissions for receiving coins for killing a specific entity
- Player Coins and Entities Limits » You can set up limits for players to reach. For example if a player kills 1000 zombies, they won't receive coins for killing zombies for the rest of the day or if a player reaches a total of 500k coins earned from killing entities he won't receive coins at all until next day.
- The stats have a nice display
- You can configurate coins intervals so the player receives a random amount of coins for each kill!
ATTENTION! Kill Coins Stats reset daily!
This is a prevention for too much data being saved.




/rec shop manager to open the general manager
Shops! Who doesn't like them/need them in one way or another? The shop system is 100% configurable in game.
But if you still have problems understanding it, you are welcomed anytime in my discord!
The shops allow you to edit the background glass color, the title, the items (position & default displaying amount).
You can also set personal permissions for each shop. By default they have no permission needed.
The shops allow you to put custom items, meaning the nbt of the item matters too when selling one (Detailed Mode On).
Or you can only check the material of the item when selling! (Detailed Mode Off)
If you want an item to not be sellable you just set it's selling price to 0!
A neat feature this plugin has it's dynamic shops! Meaning you can sell to any shop items from every shop directly from your inventory!
You can also set items that can be sold only in one shop with the Exclusive Setting!
Also we have a sell history which allows you to buy back items!
You can also limit the amount of coins a player can use to buy/sell in shops (globally, not per shop) per day!


/reshop open name to open a shop.
The shops also have a detailed buying menu where you can buy more items from the same type.
Every slot amount is editable inside the admin gui! If you set one slot to 0 the item won't be displayed on that slot.
If you set all amounts to 0, the detailed buy menu won't open at all!



Admin Shop Editor Preview
ATTENTION! Make sure there are not two persons using the menu at the same time since changes might be lost!

There is also a Sell All Function which allows you to set up commands or wands to sell stuff!
/sellall command allows you to sell your inventory globally or to a specific shop if specified. It also serves as an admin command for getting and giving the wands.
The wands on the other hand are defined in config, can have a limited number of uses and work on chests.
The wand is preconfigured to respect protections. If the player is not able to open a chest, they should not be able to sell from it.




The gambling system adds some spice to the economy (but it could also ruin it if not set propperly i guess).
You can set up your own chances that give/take a specific percent of the player's entered amount.
For more details check the gambling.yml file above and the gifs below, pretty self explinatory.






Black Market is a special menu, similar to a limited shop, that has stocks and random items determinated by a set up rarity!
The black market refreshes on an interval defined inside the blackMarket.yml and you can also make it accessible for a limited time!
The black market items are fully editable in game. You can add more rarities for them inside the blackMarket.yml! Please take the time to also check it out.


With the new black market, also comes a new placeholder! %royaleeconomy_blackmarket_cooldown% that shows the time left until the next stock refresh!



Time Rewards are like Daily Rewards, but you can configure a custom number of hours cooldown for each reward.
The rewards are commands that execute when a player claims them, you can also have extra commands for a number of claims in a row (streak).
You can also set money requirements for the claiming of a reward!
The menu allows you to specify the background item, the size and the name, each reward has a specific icon for multiple states: in cooldown, can be claimed, no permission to be claimed, next claim is a streak.
For more details on the set up of rewards and the overall menu check the timeRewards.yml config file! (you can find it on the main page)



Notice: You will be put to confirm in a .txt file that you agree with these terms once again after you download it on your server!
By buying this product you agree that you've read and accepted
these terms which are made up of the following:
The Copyright Owner is qKing12
All rights received: The copyright owner holds all rights to the products.
Distribution is not allowed: You are not allowed to distribute this product.
This applies both to the binaries or any sources.
Illegal distribution can lead to legal action.
Decompilation is not allowed: Decompiling this plugin is not allowed.
APIs are available and documented for interfacing.
You can modify the plugin for personal use ONLY.
Refunds are not allowed: Refunds are allowed only if both sides (the buyer and the seller, qKing12) agree the reason
is good enough for a refund.
If a refund is made and lost by the buyer we will not add the user to the buyers again.
Users that charge back will be blocked from using any of my plugins in the future.
Price changes: The price of this plugin can change for new buyers.
This can be either through sales or increase of prices due to feature updates.
Refunds are not given to anyone who buys plugins before or after a sale ends



Plugins that RoyaleEconomy hooks Shared Banks to:
(Not applying to old islands, only the ones created after adding the plugin)
The plugin also hooks if needed to Essentials or CMI to get old player coins data and transfer it into the new database!
Accessible via /recimport_essentials.
Accessible via /recimport_cmi. (If you need help with CMI compatibility please contact me, it can be difficult)
You can also transfer from MySQL to SQLite and the other way around!




Almost any chat message can be converted to an actionbar message ('actionbar:message' instead of 'message')
The plugin also supports PlaceholderAPI!
The placeholders this plugin has are:
%royaleeconomy_interest_cooldown_detailed% (ex: 1 Day 2 Hours 3 Minutes)
%royaleeconomy_interest_cooldown_not_detailed% (ex: 1 Day)
%royaleeconomy_interest_cooldown_short% (ex: 1d2h3m)
%royaleeconomy_killcoins_total% (Total coins a player has made during the day)
%royaleeconomy_dynamic_coins% » Good for scoreboards and actionbars, is empty all the time and becomes +coins when player receives an amount of coins.
If you are interested in more info about the plugin like API, interest usage, kill coins usage, etc please check the documentation:
DOCUMENTATION (OUTDATED): https://d-ghinea.gitbook.io/royaleeconomy/
For developers who want to use the plugin's API without having the plugin, here is an RoyaleEconomyAPI Jar
If the documentation is not helpful enough you can always join my discord for help!
My discord is qKing12#1918
Or just join my discord
I usually respond faster on discord but you can dm me too!
This is my first premium plugin! Took long enough to make but hopefully you like it :)