A plugin to easily create shows with multiple elements like Animatronics, Fireworks, Spotlights, Lasers, and more!

The ShowControl plugin is a powerful tool designed to simplify the creation of spectacular shows in Minecraft. You can easily create a timed show using animatronics, commands, fireworks, lasers, particles, light spots and more!

Which functionalities does ShowControl have?

  • Easy setup using commands
  • A GUI to manage your shows
  • Support for multiple show elements:
    • Animatronics: Integrate seamlessly with the Animatronics plugin to bring your creations to life with lifelike movements and animations.
    • Commands: Execute any desired commands as part of your show, adding dynamic elements and interactivity.
    • Fireworks: Create breathtaking firework displays, synchronized to perfection with your show.
    • Flame Throwers: #SOON
    • Lasers: Generate stunning laser effects to dazzle your audience.
    • Particles: Customize particle effects to enhance the visual appeal of your show.
    • Light Spots: Illuminate your stage with precision using configurable light spots.
  • Easily extend the set of show elements using the Developer API

Commands and permissions:
Alias: /showcontrol | Permission: sc.admin

  • /sc create <name>: Create a new show.
  • /sc delete <name>: Delete an existing show.
  • /sc add <name> <timestamp>* <triggertype>* <arguments>*: Add an element to a show.
  • /sc start <name>: Start playing a show.
  • /sc cancel <name>: Stop a running show.
  • /sc gui <name>: Open the GUI for a show to manage and remove your elements.

* <timestamp> supports a lot of timing formats. Examples: 50ms (milliseconds), 5s (seconds), 5m (minutes), 5t (ticks), 00:01:05 (1 minute and 5 seconds). You can also combine timings, like 2m5s10t (2 minutes, 5 seconds, 10 ticks).
* <triggertype> <arguments> check out the list of supported types and their arguments below.

Supported trigger types:
<triggertype> value:
Required arguments: <name>

<triggertype> value:
Required arguments: The full command, without a slash (/).

<triggertype> value:
Required arguments: <world> <x> <y> <z> <configuration values>*
The provided location is the spawn location of the firework. The following configuration is supported:

  • color:<color> (multiple allowed)
    • white, silver, gray, black, red, maroon, yellow, olive, lime, green, aqua, teal, blue, navy, fuchsia, purple, orange
  • shape:<shape>
    • ball, ball_large, star, burst, creeper
  • fade:<color> (multiple allowed)
    • See list at <color>
  • effect:<effect> (multiple allowed)
    • trail, twinkle
  • power:<power>

Full example: world -10 12 5 color:red color:maroon live shape:ball fade:lime range fade:aqua effect:twinkle power:10

<triggertype> value:
Required arguments: <name> <world> <x> <y> <z>
The first trigger for this name spawns the laser at the given location. The following triggers will set the end position of the laser beam.

<triggertype> value:
Required arguments: <world> <x> <y> <z> <type> <count>
The provided location is the spawn location of the particle. The list of types can be found here.

<triggertype> value:
Required arguments: <name> <world> <x> <y> <z>
The first trigger for this name spawns the laser at the given location. The following triggers will set the end position of the laser beam.

For developers:
For more information about the API, please contact me on my Discord server. More information will be added on this page soon.

Terms of Service:
By downloading or using this plugin, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

  1. License Compatibility: This plugin is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPL-3.0). You are free to use, modify, and redistribute this plugin in accordance with the GPL-3.0 license.
  2. Modifications and Redistribution: You are expressly permitted to modify and redistribute this plugin, provided that you comply with the terms of the GPL-3.0 license. No additional authorization from the plugin's rights holder is required for such activities.
  3. Support: For support and assistance with this plugin, please use the designated channels, such as the official Discord server or the GitHub issues page. Support requests made through reviews or other unofficial channels may not receive a response.